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The Definitive Guide to France's Premier Brandy

Charles Neal
This detailed study takes us to Gascony and shows the hidden factors that go into the production of a great Armagnac. Insights into the blending and permitted additives are provided. Profiles of the most influential negociants, objective tasting notes and even information on matching Armagnacs with cigars. . Armagnacs from a single year have subtle notes of prune, apricot, vanilla, spice and nuts converging into heavenly bouquets. Biographies and reviews of 140 producers and negociants, the precise differences between Cognac and Armagnac and tasting notes of over 750 vintages are provided.
Hardback, 6 x 9 inches, 319 pp, 200 photos.
$30.00 ISBN 1-891267-20-5
A comprehensive Guide to the Wines Produced From 1961-1997, 3rd Edition

Robert M. Parker
Completely revised and updated work on the most popular type of wine sold worldwide to include the highly heralded 1995 and 1996 vintages.
#931 Retail $50.00
James Laube
Written by noted California wine expert and Wine Spectator senior editor, Mr. Laube provides an extensive array of wine reviews. Features descriptions and ratings for 5,000 individual California wines including tasting notes and in depth profiles of the wineries.
#7158 Retail $39.95
Leon Adams
The father of the American wine industry demystifies wine in layman's terms without destroying its magic.
#507 Retail $8.95
(Out of Print)
Norman S. Roby and Charles E. Olken.

This excellent guide has a critical evaluation of the latest vintages, covering every type of West Coast grape and wine, with the bulk of the book devoted to appraising 700 wineries and labels.
#682 Retail $19.95
Joanna Simon
Well-selected photographs are the focus of this outstanding, new primer with emphasis on the enjoyment of the many tastes and aromas of wine.
#6816 Retail $19.95
Stephan Kolpan, Brian H. Smith, Michael Weiss.
The Culinary Institute of America produced this beautiful and thorough guide to the wines of the world. Wine production, wine and food pairing, and health issues are all covered.
#6861 Retail $54.95
Drinking for Health

Gene Ford
The book that has revolutionized America's thinking about drinking wine. This explains how drinking can be good for your health and how our government has suppressed this information. Includes 200 scientific references on wine and health.
Paperback, 4 x 7 inches, 288pp,
$8.95 ISBN 0-932664-81-4

Book and CD Rom
Peter Forrestal, Editor with 36 Authors
The Monumental Wine Book of the Decade. Never before has a collection of the world's leading wine experts and writers gathered together to produce the one thorough and definitive book on wine. Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers from every corner of the globe worked to provide the most current and comprehensive reference. From Burgundy to Zimbabwe, from Turkmenistan to Uruguay, this encyclopedia covers every aspect of wine from its history to its making and enjoyment.
Each chapter is virtually a book in itself. From the popular wine growing regions of the world; France, Italy, Spain and California to the more arcane: India, China, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Moldova, Romania, Peru - it is all here. All organized in a style where you can quickly reference the region you are seeking.
A "Wine Reference Table" of over 5,000 wines provides you with a brief description, the food compatibility and price range on more wines than any other book. A thorough Glossary enables the reader to decipher common and foreign language wine terminology. A massive index with over 15,000 entries further enables the reader to quickly find the topic.
The quality of the writing is as obvious as the high qualifications of the contributors, verified through the credentials and reputations: Steve Charters, MW on "The World of Wine", James Lawther, MW on Bordeaux, Jasper Morris, MW on Burgundy, Stephen Brook on Germany, Michael Fridjhon on South Africa, Dr. Patrick Farrell, MW on California. Also: Tony Aspler, James Aufenast, Helena Baker, Jeffrey Benson, Jim Budd, Rebecca Chapa, Catherine Fallis, MS, Ken Gargett, Harold Heckle, Brian Jordan, Alex Lidddell, Wink Lorch, Nico Manessis, Sally Marden, Giles MacDoough, Kate McIntyre, Alex Mitchell, Jeremy Oliver, Anthony Peregrine, John Radford, Margaret Rand, Michelle Round, Joanna Simon, Marguerite Thomas, Joelle Thomson, Roger Voss, Dr. Paul White and Simon Woods reads like a current day "who's who" of the top wine journalists!
If you are serious about wine, this is the one book you will need to have on your shelf. "It can replace a dozen other wine books and the CD Rom provides additional ease of access to information."- Society of Wine Educators
Hardcover, 9 x 12 inches, 912 pp, 1500 color photos, maps, gift boxed with CD Rom
$75.00 ISBN 1-891267-38 -8
A Comprehensive Pocket Guide,
Sixth Edition

Hans Walraven
The fine wine lover will take this guide to the restaurant or wine shop to determine the quality and value of each great Chateau, when to drink the wine and how long the wine will improve. A handy reference for wine investors, a complete assessment is provided on each vintage from 1977 to present and some vintages dating back to 1961. Included are auction prices, market prices, complete stats and technical data on each chateau.
Illustrated, Hardbound Leather, 4 x 7 1/2 inches, 268pp.
$20.00 ISBN 0-932664-94-6
A Guide to the Finest Wine Producers of the Cote D'Or - Second Edition

Remington Norman
The completely revised and updated edition of the highly praised classic work on the wines and winemakers of Burgundy. This extremely well organized work documents all the essential facts both historical and current of the 130 Domaines and their wines. The tasting notes on vintages from 1971 through 1995 are definitive and the instructive chapters on soil, climate, vine clones, the use of wood and vinification practices provide all the background information to understand Burgundy.
Hardbound, 81/2 x 11 1/2 inches, 288pp, maps and color throughout, glossary and index.
$59.95 ISBN 1-856262-18-1
(Out of Print)
Jancis Robinson

An updated and revised synthesis of the classic "Vines, Grapes and Wines." Over 800 varietals are listed with descriptions of how they taste, where they grow and how they are related. Cross-indexed with synonyms for all varietals.
#6877 Retail $13.95
John Lamond and Robin Tucek
This most exhaustive and engaging guide to single malts available has been compiled by a past president of Scotlands Institute of Wine & Spirits.
#6830 Retail $19.95