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Tom Stevenson (2002 Edition)
A completely revised and updated edition of a classic. This authoritative encyclopedia combines maps and photographs of wine producing regions with detailed information and assessments of individual wines, as well as guidelines on wine storage, tasting and appreciation.
#6531 Retail $50.00
Edited by Jancis Robinson
Culled from a myriad of expert sources, over 3,000 geographical, mythical, literary, historical, and viticultural entries fill a book that one can return to again, and again. This book is as exhaustive as any one reference can be.
#6804 Retail $65.00
Oz Clarke's New Oz Clarke
As easy to use for the beginner as it is informative for the expert, this book allows the wine lover to find any wine, region, producer or grape with ease. Color photographs and maps finalize the book.
#7163 Retail $40.00
Oz Clarke (2002 Edition)
Acclaimed as the clearest, most complete, most affordable, and most enjoyable pocket guide to every wine style in the world with over 1,400 entries on wines, wine regions, grapes, producers, and key wine terms featuring 6,000 wines.
#7060 Retail $12.00

Sixth Edition
Robert M. Parker

In wine shops across the country, perhaps no wine writer's presence is more evident than Robert Parker's and this text is a compendium of the reasons why. Organized by region, this book uses a 100 point system for evaluating wines. Augmented by delightful, concise recommendations.
#977-P Retail $30.00
Hugh Johnson (2003 Edition)
This immensely popular, annually updated quick reference lists more than 5000 wines with suggestions of the best vintages and an assessment of wineries' reputations. 2002 Edition.
#524 Retail $13.95
Port, Madeira & Regional Wines
New Revised Edition

Richard Mayson, Forword by Hugh Johnson
A comprehensive guide to all of the wines and regions of Portugal with emphasis on new premium table wine producers. Exciting new information on little known grape varieties with good insights into the people, the traditions and trade practices. Chapters devoted to Portugal's fortified wines, the great wines of Madeira, Moscatel de Setubal and of course, Port.
".... his chapter on Port is more readable, more reliable and more useful than all the weighty tomes on the subject. Yet his explanations of technical matters are models of clarity." -Gerald Asher.
Hardback, 7 x 9 inches, 250 pp, 32 color photos, maps.
$34.95 ISBN 1-891267-01-9
Wine Made Simple

Updated Edition Max Allen
Photography: Adrian Lander
Winner of the André Simon Award and many more.

This is a pleasure guide to wine - an unashamed romp through the flavors, sensations and joy that wine can give us. It shines a light into the darkest cellars of wine appreciation, illuminating the mysterious delights to be found within.
Max Allen's breezy and semi-colloquial style provides for an enjoyable read where the ideas flow clearly and effortlessly, but every word has been chosen with care - a book that makes a complex subject simple. There is no rating scale or confusing jargon describing wines. The wine novice will learn to feel comfortable about which wine to select and enjoy, while the experienced wine aficionado will thrill at the insightful iconoclasms Max Allen shares about grape varieties and food and wine matching.
Wine is first made in the vineyard. Chapters on Air, Earth, Water and Sun explain how these vital elements effect the outcome of the grapes and thus the wine. How to select, taste and enjoy wine is simplified into chapters called: Nose, Babble, Cash, Space, Time, Breath, Belly, Blood and Globe!
More than a guide, Red and White is a celebration of an ancient liquid written for a new generation of wine drinkers.
Softcover, 8 x 10 inches, 154 pp, 60 color photos
$24.95 ISBN 1-891267-37-X.
The Finest Rhone & Rhone-Style Wines from France and the New World

Remington Norman, M.W.
Foreword , Hugh Johnson

Wine experts internationally now focus on Rhone style wines, as Australia's Grange Hermitage is repeatedly recognized as the world's greatest red wine. Four continents are explored to track down the top Rhone-style wines of the world. Classics such as Chateauneuf-du-Pape are covered as well as the finest New World examples of Shiraz, Grenache, Mouvedre and Viognier. Visits over 220 wine estates, evaluates more than 1500 individual wines and highlights the good values. Regional styles of France, California, Australia and South Africa are described. Spectacular color photographs.
Hardback, 8 3/4 x 11 1/4 inches, 386 pp, 300 color photos, maps
$50.00 ISBN 0-932664-95-4
A Study of the Great Sweet Wines of Bordeaux

Jeffrey Benson & Alastair McKenzie
A revised edition of the authoritative work on these increasingly popular wines. As the prices for Chateau d' Yquem reach record highs, wine lovers are seeking more information on all of the chateaus producing these great sweet wines. Each is detailed in this book with historical information, tasting notes from vintage 1890, grape varieties, production methods and yield stats.
Maps, 25 color illustrations, Hardbound, 7 1/2 x 10 inches, 184pp.
$39.95 ISBN 0-856673-60-9
Catherine Fallis, MS and Yves Sauboua, MS
The first and only guide book to the top wine restaurants in America. These restaurants are known for their superior wine lists, professional sommeliers and the best possr wine lists, professional sommeliers and the best possible wine counsel and service. Specific information on the wine directors of each restaurant with their recommended wine and food parings and their great wine tasting experiences. Includes fascinating interviews with these famous Sommiliers. An essential book for the connoisseur who is looking for the best in both wine and food. Cataloged by states. (If you want the best treatment drop the Sommelier's name when you book a reservation.)
Paperback, 5 x 8 inches, 240pp, illustrated.
$12.95 ISBN 1-891267-53-1
The Art and Science of Wine Appreciation

Emile Peynaud
Introduction, Michael Broadbent
Translation, Michael Schuster
The definitive text of tasting and evaluating wine by the recognized world authority. Physiology of the senses, the role of memory, analysis and training, pitfalls, illusions, tricks and techniques. How to determine and define quality and value in wine. Practical guidance on statistical interpre-tations, tasting tools and wine vocabulary. Essential for all wine professionals and serious wine lovers. Hardback, 6 1/2 x 10 inches, 258 pp, graphs, charts and illustrations.
$39.95 ISBN 0-932664-64-4
The Role of Geology, Climate and Culture in the Making of Wine

James E. Wilson, Foreword by Hugh Johnson
James Beard Award, Veuve Clicquot; Wine Book of the Year, DECANTER Magazine; Wine Book of the Year, Finalist; Andre Simon Wine Book of the Year

"From the Unseen Darkness where the vineroots suck, where the liquid in your glass is teased out of the soil." So states Hugh Johnson in explaining the importance of soils, "the terroir" that the French have long praised as the secret to great wines. Years of meticulous research now reveal the relationship between rocks and grapes. A natural history of the little known facts and anecdote woven into the compelling tale of how geology influences the choice of grapes, style and quality. A master geologist describes each rock type and soil and the way structure affects the absorption of vital nutrients. Using instruments and techniques developed for oil exploration, Wilson learned more about vineyards and quality than winemakers ever dreamed!
Hardbound, 7 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches, 336 pp, 125 illustrations, glossary, maps and charts.
$50.00 ISBN 1-891267-22-1