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Marian W. Baldy, Ph.D.
A quiet revolution in wine education is taking place with the best approach to the sensory evaluation of wine yet. To quote one retailer, "if wine were a religion, this would be its bible."
#6680 Retail $35.00
Kevin Zraly (2005 Edition)
All major wine regions and styles are detailed along with instructions on tasting wine and superb wine judgments. A classic.
#913 Retail $24.95
Ralph Steadman
The internationally popular cartoonist provides a handy and humorous little book to keep track of your wine tasting experiences, your cellar stock and other vinous notes. Steadman's whimisical art decorates the book in full color, providing a chuckle as you make your notes. His drawings are considered visual puns that evoke curiosity along with a humor that deeply penetrates the subconscious. Sprial Bound, 5 x 7 1/2 inches, 64 pp.
$9.95 ISBN 0-932664-98-9
The Story of Italian-American Vintners

Dick Rosano
Foreword, Robert Mondavi

Mondavi, Martini, Sebastiani, Gallo, Bargetto and Perelli-Minetti. Who could deny the importance of Italians to the development of America's wine industry? It is little known that Italians have been planting vineyards and making wine in America since the early colonial days when Filippo Mazzei was the vineyard consultant for Thomas Jefferson. Grapes were planted and nurtured in virtually every corner of America where Italians settled. Wine making was as sacrosanct as making bread or pasta. Wine is inseparable from the Italian culture and is loved and revered as the "holy blood of the grape." It is one of the secrets of the healthy Mediterranean life style now preached by health experts.
Here is the story of Italian immigrants whose descendants now dominate American wine making. How they struggled and endured. How they persisted in the face of Prohibition and facilitated legislation permitting home wine making of 200 gallons per family. The intrigue, the feuds, the love affairs and financial triumphs are all in this authenticated history from the earliest days of America to the new Italian/American wine makers such as Francis Ford Coppola. Dick Rosano, the popular columnist from The Washington Post, provides a good read and a well researched piece of American history.
Hardback, 7 x 9 inches, 256 pp, 100 historic photos. $29.95
ISBN 1-891267-13-2.
New Revised Edition

Clive Coates, M.W.
The most comprehensive and authoritative guide to all the wine producing areas in France with tastings from every single appellation and attention to the best growers in each region from Burgundy and Loire, the Rhone and Champagne, Alsace, the Jura and Savoie, Provance, Languedoc-Roussillon and of course Bordeaux.
A lively blend of background information, grape variety, viticulture, great names and producers and recommended vintages (through 1997). The often neglected good value wines of lesser vineyards are included.
Coates is now the recognized expert on French wines and his recent books on Bordeaux and Burgundy are current best sellers. This is the one book that covers ALL of France and is a recommended staple for Society of Wine Educator's and Master of Wine examinations.
Hardback, 280 x 216 mm, 436 pp, 29 maps, 120 drawings.
$50.00 ISBN 1-891267-14-0
16th Edition

Bill Edgerton
The most current and authoritative reference book on the price of all good to great wines of the world. All major wine auctions in Europe and the U.S. are consulted and documented., as well as representative American retailers. 94,000 wines are covered in a user friendly alphabetical and vintage listing. Compiled by a professional wine appraiser, this book is a valuable resource for the serious wine collector, wholesaler, retailer or appraiser of wine. It is the most reliable source for appraising wine collections for insurance, divorce cases or estates.
Softcover, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 572 pp
$69.00 ISBN 1-882847-06-7
Fiona Beckett
Offers a revolutionary color-coded flavor wheel as a visual tool to illustrate the key flavors each wine. A valuable resource and excellent beginning book.
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Joanna Simon
An exceptional and extremely visually appealing guide to matching wine with food from the author of the popular wine primer "Discovering Wine." Commencing with guidelines, subsequent chapters are arranged by matching varietals with regional cuisine.
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(Fifth Edition)

Hugh Johnson & Jancis Robinson
The new edition of "the wine book of the century" just got better with expanded geographical coverage, and much more. An undisputed classic in the canon of wine literature.
#523 Retail $50.00
Tom Stevenson
NEW EDITION Fully Revised and Updated

The first in-depth guide to sparkling wines of the world from Champagne to California, Italy to Australia and beyond.
A fascinating first section describes the history of sparkling wine and proves beyond any doubt that it was the English rather than the French who first produced a fizzy wine. The main body of the encyclopedia is devoted to profiles of the world's sparkling wine producers accompanied by tasting notes, recommendations for drinking and good value for your money. Another section lists the author's personal selection of sparkling wines to drink for the Millennium.
Beautifully illustrated and designed with over 600 full color photographs and illustrations, this is the ultimate book for those who love the good things in life and who want to discover the best to welcome in the year 2000.
Tom Stevenson is the world's leading authority on Champagne. He is the author of 14 books and winner of 21 literary awards, including 13 for his works on Champagne.
He has been voted Wine Writer of the Year three times!
Hardback, 280 x 216 mm, 320 pp, 600 color photos and maps.
#7448 $60.00 Retail, ISBN 1-891267-61-2
WHEN. . .

Bert Witt
Here is the humorous answer to all of your wine snob's pretensions. This famous European cartoonist pokes fun at every side of wine and those who consider themselves experts. Even the simple wine lover is not spared some ridicule in these most delightful cartoons. His drawings go from the elegant to the grotesque, distorting the human anatomy if necessary to get a laugh and make a point. Paperback, 8 1/2 x 7 inches, 72 pp.
$9.95 ISBN 1-891267- 25-6


Each book is a comprehensive reference on the respective grape variety and wines produced. A background of the variety and its cultivation is provided. Then an alphabetical listing by producer with detailed information on the vineyards, the winemaking philosophy and the precise production details on each vintage, such as brix at harvest, residual sugar, the bottling date, cases produced, etc. The winemaker's notes on each wine provide a vicarious sensual experience for the reader and the generous glossary provides considerable technical information.
ZINFANDEL: A Reference Guide to California Zinfandel
Paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 270 pp $24.95 ISBN 1-891267-15-9
PINOT NOIR: A Reference Guide to California and Oregon Pinot Noir
Paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 260 pp.

$24.95 ISBN 1-891267-16-7
Tom Stevenson
An attractive, full color pocket sized book that brings expert advice at an affordable price. Grape varieties, winemaking, regions, serving, storage, and sensory evaluation are all covered with simple language. Great idea for gift baskets.
#7003 Retail $4.95