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A comprehensive Text & Self Tutorial

Marian W. Baldy, Ph.D
Now the most widely used wine textbook for colleges and universities. Also popular with serious wine enthusiasts for home study. Provides a 12 week program for learning about wine in-depth, from sensory evaluation to the science of viticulture and winemaking. Written and organized in a "user friendly" style. Includes chapter exams and answers, study guides, lab exercises, final exams and extensive references and bibliography. Illustrated with appendixes on Wine & Food, Label Reading, Do-It-Yourself Labs, Student tasting notes and more. Dr. Baldy is a USDA award-winning professor of sciences who has operated her own vineyard and winery and has taught wine appreciation for academic credits to university students for over 20 years.
Heavy duty Paperback 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 426pp, illustrated, glossary, maps, appendixes
$35.00 ISBN 0-932664-69-5

Marian W. Baldy, Ph.D
A supplementary guide for the above book to help plan and teach wine appreciation classes. Includes additional quizzes, tests, exercises, labs and tips on how to plan, organize and teach various types of wine classes to different levels. Ten suggested wine courses ranging from Waitstaff Training, Home Study Course, to Semester Long College-Level Course.
Paperback, 8 1/2 x11 inches, 86pp.
$12.95 ISBN 0-932664-68-7
New Edition
Philip M. Wagner
The best-selling practical "how-to grow wine grapes" guide. With over five decades of experience in cultivating wine grapes, the author provides easy to understand essentials for establishing a vineyard. Includes propagating the vine, planting, training, pruning, vine ailments and vineyard management. Offers information on wine grape growing in all of North America including the vastly different conditions from California to New England. Suitable for the amateur and the commercial grower as well.
Paperback, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, 240pp, illustrated.
$19.95 ISBN 0-932664-92-X
Planning, Constructing, Acquiring, Consuming; 3rd Edition

Richard M. Gold, Ph.D
A very popular classic that is based on the authors personal experiences of building a wine cellar in his home and collecting wines for "fun and investment." All of the essential construction specifications to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity conditions for long-term storage of wine is provided for the home craftsman or professional contractor. Insulation, refrigeration and passive systems are detailed. Construction of racks and storage bins is explained and illustrated. A practical guide to selecting, recording, tracking and enjoying your wines at their peak performance is included.
Paperback, 6 x 8 inches, 248 pp, illustrated
$26.95 ISBN 1-891267-02-7
The Science of Wine Explained, 2nd Edition

David Bird, MW, Chartered Chemist & Master of Wine
Foreword by Hugh Johnson

The Wine and Spirits Education Trust and Master of Wine Examination’s preferred wine-science primer Understanding Wine Technology: The Science of Wine Explained, by Europe's hardest-working chartered chemist and MW, David Bird, is revised and updated in a 2nd edition, which deciphers all the new scientific advances that have cropped up in the last several years, and gives wine-science illiterates the freedom to breath easier.

Some of the new and expanded material includes:
  • legislation and regulations
  • quality assurance and hazard analysis
  • oak use (and why barrel fermentation may be worth the cost)
  • biodynamic viticulture
  • the role of oxygen
  • fermentation
  • cork and its alternatives
  • the winemaking process
  • wine’s principle components
  • clarification, stabilization & additives
  • wine faults

  • In other words, Bird touches on just about everything in the field, and in his typically clear and plainspoken style that renders even the densest subject matter freshman-friendly.
    “It’s always good to have Bird in hand. David’s first edition has been my standby for years.” --Hugh Johnson
    “Anyone looking for an easily understood explanation about the process of making wine should consider this book.” —Jim Budd, Circle of Wine Writers
    “Everyone who lectures about wine should have a copy within reach for the difficult question that inevitably crop up.”—Godfrey Spence, Wine & Spirits Education Trust
    Suggested Retail Price $39.95, ISBN 1-891267-91-4 Paperback, 6X8”, 265 pp
    Yair Margalit, Ph.D.
    This is the companion book to the author's best selling Concepts In Wine Chemistry. It is a successor to his original Winery Technology & Operations. Since the author published his first book in 1990, he has shifted much of his time from research and teaching to operating his own small winery and consulting world-wide with other winemakers. Thus, this new text has a very practical and applied science character. In addition there have been significant discoveries and technological advances in winemaking since the original text. The enlarged sections on fermentation, skin contact, acid balance, the use of oak, phenolics and quality control reflect and expand upon the original text.
    This is a "how-to" book, organized in the sequence of the processes a winemaker faces when confronted with the rapid challenge of converting fresh grapes into good wine. As the author points out, the grapes will make wine by themselves due to natural biological and chemical processes. However, to make good wine or even great wine, nature must be guided by the skilled and artful hand of the winemaker.
    The author's many years of experience in producing many different wines helps the reader focus on the right processes at the right time to achieve winemaking success. This book stands on the shoulders of the original highly acclaimed text and again it can be said: "Don't make wine without it"!
    Hardbound, 7 x 10 inches, 263 pp illustrated, charts and graphs, index ISBN 1-891267-51-5
    Yair Margalit, Ph.D,
    Editor, James Crum, Ph.D
    Yair Margalit, Ph.D, is a world renowned physical chemist, a practicing winemaker, university professor, and the author of the best selling Winery Technology & Operations.
    This book is the product of his years of research and practical winemaking experience. The state-of-the art in wine chemistry based on the current literature.
    Contains all aspects of wine production based on the components of grapes and their transformation into wine through fermentation, aging, cellaring and packaging. Emphasis is on the current knowledge of elevating wine quality.
    ISBN 0-932664-91-1, Suggested Retail $89.95
    Hardback, 7 x 10 inches, 446 pp
    A Handbook for Small Wineries

    Yair Margalit, Ph.D
    The original handbook for professional winemakers written by a professor of chemistry who is also a practicing winemaker. Everything you need to know from grape harvest to the bottling laboratory with practical charts and tables.
    Includes pre-harvest operations, sulfur-dioxide, skin contact, must corrections, yeast, cellar operations, fining, oak and aging, quality control, analysis of must and wine and specifics for setting up your wine lab. Ideal for students and cellar rats.
    Flexible Hardback, 6 x 9 inches, 224 pp, illustrated, index and appendixes. ISBN 0-932664-66-0