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Silent Cellars by Dometic ( Electrolux ) as advertised in Time and Newsweek are silent and vibration free and come with a warranty

CS 200
Silent Cellars™ Wine Cellar CS 200 D will keep your wines in the best possible conditions, those of a traditional wine cellar. Wines are best stored at a regulated temperature, in a dark and humid place without vibrations. The recommended temperature is 55 F, and with a hygrometry level between 50 and 70%.
All models have a digital setting of the temperature. The absorption technology guarantees storage without vibrations. The carbon filter will act as a natural barrier on any odors that may have adverse affects on the wine.
Silent Cellars™ CS 200 D comes equipped with 3 storage shelves and 3 sliding shelfs, with optional extra fitted or sliding shelves to obtain a customized cellar.

Outer dimensions:
  • Height: in 69
  • Width: in 23.5
  • Depth: in 29.5

  • Optimal storing capacity:
  • Standard fitted shelves: 3 sliding + 3 storage
  • Capacity: bottles 206
  • Max. number of sliding shelves: 16
  • Capacity: bottles 136

  • Function:
  • Control panel: Electronic
  • Thermometer: Digital
  • Regulation of temperature: F 45 - 65
  • Door closing: Lockable
  • Door hanging: Right
  • Interior light: No
  • Feet: 4 screw jacks adjustable in height
  • Anti-odor filter: Active carbon Cartridge

  • Material:
  • Insulation: Polyurethane foam
  • Min. thickness of insulation: in 2
  • Exterior material: Isoplast
  • Interior material: Pre-painted galvanized metal sheet
  • Weight when empty: lbs (wooden door) 178
  • Weight when empty: lbs (glass door) 209
  • Weight when loaded: approx, lbs 639

  • Operation:
  • Cooling unit power: W 220
  • Cooling unit voltage: V 110
  • Average consumption*: kWH/24 h 2.15
  • Heating element voltage: V 110
  • Heating element power: W 45
  • Cord length: ft 6

  • *Average consumption in 24 h at 77F mean ambient annual temperature according to ISO standards. We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.

    CS200D Solid Door, MSRP $3,145.00
    CS200DV Glass Door, MSRP $3,515.00
    CS200DVS Silver Finish, MSRP $3,790.00