No longer just for special occasions, Champagne is an excellent accompaniment to many foods or as an aperitif unto itself. Our Champagne accoutrements offer everything you need to fully enjoy your favorite bottle.

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Stainless Aluminum Bucket
Classic design imported from France.

#2117 Classic Stainless Aluminum
Suggested Retail $30.00
#2118 Black Epoxy Aluminum
Suggested Retail $40.00

Heavy Black Acrylic Buckets
#4200 Standard Champagne
Suggested Retail $13.00
#4202 Half-Bottle Champagne
Suggested Retail $7.00

* Our Champagne Buckets can be imprinted with your company name and logo. Please call for specifications.

Vindel Flute 8 oz.
Classic, French made 24% lead crystal. Our most elegant flute.

#3305 Suggested Retail $10.00

Grand Noblesse Flute 6 1/2 oz.
Classic, French made glass, sturdy and durable.

#3327 Suggested Retail $3.00

Classic Flute 6 oz.
Classic, French made 24% American made lead crystal that will disclose the nuances of bouquet and bead.

#CLA-4 Suggested Retail $6.00

Champagne Bottle Stopper
Provides a pressure tight seal to hold the fizz in the bottle.

#1158 Suggested Retail $7.00

Monopol Champagne Sealer
Exceptional quality, satin finish. Gift Boxed.

#1198 Suggested Retail $30.00

The Screwpull Champagne Crown Resealer
The perfect champagne resealer for all champagne and sparkling wine. Fits different size champagne bottles. A locking lever seals in the bubbles.

#1162-C Suggested Retail $40.00

Bouchon French Champagne Stopper
The new and most reliable Champagne resealer now used by the major Champagne houses. Has a long "super seal" insert and ABS colored tops that imprint beautifully or fitted with an engraved metal disk with your logo. Available in 11 colors and translucent.

#2011 1 doz minimum

LAGUIOLEŽ Champagne Sabre
To make the most dramatic and exciting gesture in wine service, the Champagne Sabre is required. With practice, the wielder can slice through the top of the bottle cleanly in a truly magnificent style. Fine Stainless Steel Blade and Rosewood Handle in a wooden gift box. Definitely the gift for the Connoisseur who has everything.

#2000 Suggested Retail $199.95

Christie's World Encyclopedia of Champagne and Sparkling Wine
Tom Stevenson
The most authoritative and comprehensive work on Champagne and Sparkling Wine ever published.

#7100 Suggested Retail $50.00
Millennium Champagne and Sparkling Wine Guide
Tom Stevenson (2002 Edition)
A practical buyers guide that describes and analyzes over 750 individual wines.

#7066 Suggested Retail $14.95
Tom Stevenson
The pocket edition of Tom Stevenson's newest guide to champagne is not just a diminutive edition of its larger cousin, Christie's World Encyclopedia of Champagne & Sparkling Wine, it is the newest, most up-to-date work, with a less assuming and mobile size by the author hailed as, "An authority acknowledged even by the Champenois." His renown is matched only by his love of the stuff, which stamps each sentence with that distinctive Stevenson style: "The Titanic was not launched with a bottle of Champagne and we all know what happened to her."
The book begins with the basics of how sparkling wine is made, how to store and serve sparkling wines and a helpful list of styles, basic divisions of sweetness, vintage and non-vintage, grape varieties, colour and degree of mousse. Then he moves on to his latest tastings of 2001, delineating the minutia of his considerably long list of tasting notes (also included) into easy to distinguish comparative performance tables. The always thoughtful Tom Stevenson also adds a small section on how to read his tasting notes and scoring system. There is a glossary of champagne and sparkling wine terms and, probably the most unusual and gleefully received section of his book, a list of local champagne and sparkling wine retailers categorized by state and outlining contact information, years in business, brands carried, tasting schedules (if applicable), best sellers and comments and advice on store selection.
The reader is guaranteed that every wine recommended in this guide has been personally tasted for this edition. This marvelous little book was voted Best Wine Guide by World Food Media Awards, proving that in a world of wine books the size of aircraft carriers, modest quality is still a premium.
Soft Cover, 5 x 8 inches, 240 pp,
ISBN: 1-891267-41-8
"Add some Sparkle to your Cooking and your Life"

Malcolm R. Hebert
Cooking with Champagne is a glamorous yet easy way to liven up your cuisine. The recipes range from soup and salads, hors d'oeuvres to fish, fowl, red meat, vegetables and of course desserts-all using Champagne. New entertaining ideas with Champagne cocktails and drinks. Recipes from California, New York and European Champagne makers and their families.
Paperback, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 160 pp, illustrated.
$14.95 ISBN 0-932664-65-2

Champagne Keys
Removes a champagne cork quickly and easily.

#1200 Suggested Retail $13.00

Bronze Champagne Key
Limited edition, heavy duty brass champagne opener will open Millennium bottles with style that befits the occasion. Gift wrapped in a velvet bag and wooden box.

#1199 Suggested Retail $100.00