cooling equipment, wine coolers, wine cooling, wine storage, wine cellar cooling, wine chilling
cooling equipment, wine coolers, wine cooling, wine storage, wine cellar cooling, wine chilling
Creating an ideal climate for your wines is paramount. Without temperature and humidity control your investment in both money and occasion may be lost. The Wine Appreciation Guild is a certified distributor of wine cooling systems. We specialize in providing the equipment that will ultimately determine the quality of your wine.

Why a specially designed system?

Although standard refrigeration systems are available on the market, it is not appropriate for aging wine. Wine is not tolerant to sudden and rapid temperature changes or to frequent blasts of cold air emitted by standard refrigeration systems. Maintaining an ideal and consistent moisture level will prevent deterioration of corks and wine labels- this safe guards the wine from evaporation and preserves the original aesthetic value of the bottle.

With a cooling system from The Wine Appreciation Guild, wines can mature properly and develop the special qualities that result when a fine wine is aged under carefully controlled conditions.

A WhisperCOOL cooling unit designed specifically to maintain temperature and humidity within a properly designed wine cellar.
Room Size (cubic feet): 2000.

Breezeaire WK Series
The system of choice for standard application ranging from under 100 to 2000 cubic feet. Completely self-contained units that plug into any 110 volt electrical outlet.

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