Fine glassware actually improves the taste of your wine. From crystal stemware and decanters to INAO tasting glasses, The Wine Appreciation Guild offers a wide array of glasses for both the home and the tasting room. Most can be customized with a store logo or for a particular celebration. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Call 1-800-231-9463 for wholesale prices.

The Internationally Recognized INAO (Institut National d'Appellation d'Origine) Wine Tasting Glass is now the "compulsory" tool for sensory evaluation of wine in any contentious tasting. The egg shape bowl is designed to fully enhance the concentration of aroma and allow the wine to be swirled without spilling. "The finest inexpensive tasting glass in the world."Robert Parker

#3340, Non-Imprinted, 7 1/4 oz. INAO, Suggested Retail $5.00/ea
#3340 7, Customization: Silkscreened. Minimum order 288 pieces.
#3341, 10 1/4 oz. INAO, Suggested Retail $6.00
Stem Wraps: These handy fabric covers protect surfaces from spills.
#4120, Package of 12
#4121, Bulk bag of 125 pieces. Can be imprinted. Call for pricing.

Durand Grande Noblesse
The classic and refined shapes of these glasses combined with their sturdy, durable design make for an extremely versatile wine glass. The Durand glasses can be silkscreen imprinted in virtually any color.

#3325, Tall Wine 8 1/2 oz
#3326, Red/White Wine 6 1/2 oz
#3327, Champagne Flute 6 1/2 oz
All Durand glasses are also available without an imprint. 72 piece minimum.
For all imprints there is a $65 screen charge. 24 doz to 60 doz, 63 doz to 120 doz, 123 doz to 168 doz, And Over: Please call for quotes.

This Symbol denotes a Wine Appreciation Guild exclusive product
Vindel® Fine Wine Crystal
This incredible crystal was discovered by The Wine Appreciation Guild on a buying trip to France. Wines taste better in these finely crafted wine glasses because of the 24% lead with Micro-Crystal Dispersion. A special process in the glass-blowing causes greater space between the molecules of the glass, leading to more surface area. This enhances the complex flavors and bouquet of the wine. Each glass is designed to direct the flow of wine to the "taste zone" that highlights each wines style and variety. Packed in boxes of 6. Minimum shipment 24 per style.

Quantity discounts available. Per photo left to right
#3300, 12oz Zinfandel/Chianti
#3301, 160oz Burgundy/ Pinot Noir
#3302, 20oz Burgundy/Pinot Noir
#3305, 8oz Champagne Flute
#3306, 16oz Bordeaux/Cabernet
#3304, 12oz Chardonnay
#3303, 8 oz Sauvignon Blanc/Pinot Gris
Restaurant Grade Vindel®, lead free, jumbo stemware 19.5oz Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Rhone Chimney and 8oz Champagne Flute.
Imprinting: Minimum 144. Screen or pad printing. One time plate charge $40.00 per image, camera-ready artwork, minimum 600 DPI required. Typesetting/artwork billed at $35.00 per hr. Printing costs $0.50/ea to $0.20/ea subject to design and quantity. Request bid.

This Symbol denotes a Wine Appreciation Guild exclusive product
Baker Art Decorative Glassware
Some occasions call for a special decorative glass that is unique and distinctive. We have found these glasses from Baker Art to be especially attractive with their hand-crafted appeal. Each glass is available in 3 sizes: 6 1/2 oz flute, 8 oz and 13 oz wine.

Adonis Nude or Adonis Draped
Pewter, Silver-plated, Gold-plated

Venus Nude or Venus Draped
Pewter, Silver-plated, Gold-plated

Vintage Pewter
Silver-plated, Gold-plated

Grand Sommelier Fine Wine Crystal
An unsurpassed value in handcrafted, mouth-blown crystal glassware. These classic and elegant shapes are delicate yet sturdy enough for daily use. They will also enhance any formal occasion. Without the corresponding high-pricetag.

Sold only in boxed sets of four. Per photo left to right.
#3202 Young White, 8 oz, 7 1/2" high
#3201 Burgundy, 24 oz, 8 5¦16" high
#3203 Young Red, 11 oz, 7 1/2" high
#3200 Bordeaux, 21 oz, 8 7/8" high
#3204 Champagne Flute, 12oz, 7 7¦8" high
#3205 Chardonnay, 12 oz, 7 7/8" high

Vindel® 48 oz. Decanter
American Handmade. Lead-Free Crystal.

#3344 Suggested Retail $39.95

Vindel® 72 oz. Magnum Decanter
Lead-Free Crystal (not pictured). Compare to Riedel Magnum.

#3344-M Suggested Retail $59.95

Connoisseur Decanter 26 oz.
American Lead-Free crystal in a contemporary design.

#3356 Suggested Retail 39.95

The Famous Duck Decanter
This decanter is a copy of a famous Bordeaus design that allows the wine to evolve, and leaves any remaining sediment at the bottom when you pour. 24% lead crystal with silver-plated spout and handle. Made in Italy.

#3371 Suggested Retail $95.00
#3371-E Suggested Retail $78.00 Economy

Pomerol Decanter 48 oz.
American Handmade. Lead-Free Crystal.

#3342 Suggested Retail $39.95

Port/Wine Funnel
Silver-plated, antique reproduction funnel strains sediment dregs from mature wines.

#2201 Suggested Retail 34.95