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Wine Appreciation Guild Press America's pioneering wine book publisher has reformed as Board and Bench Publishing. Viticulture and business textbooks; cookbooks, travel handbooks, wine tasting guides, spirits and mixology, history and essays, we have a deep and broad line of food and wine books, in both physical and electronic form.

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The Wine Appreciation Guild is known for its wine literature, both as publisher and distributor. But wine books are not our only forte: We have a 30-year history as a wholesale distributor of the finest wine accessories available. This website encapsulates that experience. Inside you’ll find an impressive array of products, many of them exclusive to us, which have a genuine use in the service and appreciation of wine. We also offer the best customer service in the business and are rarely ever undersold. Give us a call and find out for yourself. We’re betting that after you do, you’ll make us the sole supplier of all your wine book and wine accessory requirements.

Note: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this online catalog, prices are subject to change and items featured are subject to availability.

Wholesale Minimums Required On All Orders. Please call for wholesale prices.

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Featured Items
How to Launch Your Wine Career
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Wine Saver Pro
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Silent Cellar™
CS 200

Vindel Crystal
Many Styles
Easy Assembly
Classic Laguiole
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$120.00 -
Napa Uncorked
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Wine Lincs
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