WINE-BY-THE GLASS PROGRAMS can greatly increase a restaurant’s revenue and profits. It’s not uncommon for wine sales to double or triple with an effective wine-by-the-glass program.

More importantly, pouring high-end and interesting wines will bring more sophisticated and higher spending clients to your restaurant.

But, THE WINE MUST BE FRESH AND NOT OXIDIZED. Attempts to preserve wine with vacuum pumps and nitrogen or argon injection systems have been less than effective. Consequently, many partially consumed bottles in wine-by-the-glass programs are thrown away every day, costing the American restaurant industry over $500,000,000 annually.

Serve the oxidized wine to unaware customers over the next few days. It will not take long for you to start loosing wine-by-the-glass customers and your reputation as quickly as if you served spoiled food. One of America’s leading restaurant chains discovered that their vacuum pumping open bottles each night did not prevent the wine spoilage. Consequently, bartenders were instructed to date each bottle when opened. All wine over 2 days old was discarded. A study by their profit improvement audit revealed they were discarding over $4,000,000 per year. At less than a $1,000 per restaurant installation cost of Wine Saver PRO in 300 restaurants will save $4,000,000 per year in wasted wine! They will serve better quality wines-by-the-glass and have more satisfied customers.

DON’T GET SUCKED IN by Expensive vacuum systems. There is no vacuum that will remove all of the air from an opened bottle of wine. In addition, the suction strips out all of the volatile esters, or the delightful bouquet that customers are paying for in fine wine. This is a cruel hoax to perform on your wine customers to serve wine that has been sucked of all its delightful bouquet.

ONLY A CLOSED INERT GAS SYSTEM can effectively protect your opened bottles of fine wine. Once the Wine Saver PRO tube and dispensing head is installed in your bottle. The system is sealed and no air can get into your bottle of wine. As the wine is dispensed, the space is replaced with the best inert gas, Argon. When that bottle is empty of wine, only Argon will be in the bottle protecting up to the last few precious drops.

UPGRADE YOUR WINE-BY-THE-GLASS program to include super premium wines. If you sell First Growth, DRC wines or California Cult wines-by-the-glass you will have something to brag about and advertise. Remember, the customer who buys the $20 to $50 glass of wine is likely to spend more on everything in your restaurant. YOU WANT TO ATTRACT THE HIGH END WINE CONSUMER.

PLACE Wine Saver PRO ON YOUR DESERT CART: Establish a Vintage Port or fine Sauternes program and watch your average dinner ticket grow.

SERVE SMALL SAMPLES OF HIGH-END WINES: Sophisticated wine-service restaurants now offer 1 oz, 2 oz or 4 oz pours of expensive wines. How about a sampler of the top 5 best California Pinots? You can do it with WINE SAVE PRO and not worry about loosing any of these expensive wines to Spoilage.

KEEP YOUR OPENED BOTTLES OF WINE FOR WEEKS: Remember, Wine Saver PRO is a totally closed system; no air can enter after the initial installation of the dispensing head. Taste your best wines that have been in Wine Saver PRO for weeks!

Restaurants, hotels/hospitality:

Your wines-by-the-glass program could and should be one of the most profitable aspects of your dining service. Offer your customers the opportunity to pair a truly fine wine with your best cuisine.

  • Confidently offer a wider variety of your favorite premium wines “by-the-glass”.
  • Wine Tasting Flights are an excellent way to entice your customers to try new wines.
  • Promote regular Wine Tastings – create themes.
  • Promote special “Wine School” nights. Get together the local wineries or wine distributors to promote a selection of their wines while educating your customers about wine.
Bars, wine bars:

Wine Saver PRO is ideal for the wine bar — your operation is all about wines-by-the-glass. Don’t have a real wines-by-the-glass program?

  • With Wine Saver PRO, there’s nothing holding you back. Long shelf life means a worry-free wines-by-the-glass program.
  • Add a new profit stream to your operation.
  • Attract new and better customers.
  • OFFER HIGH-end wines and see the profits roll in.
Wineries, wine distributors:
  • Perfect for your tasting rooms – with Wine Saver PRO your wine stays just how you intended it all the way to the customer’s glass.
  • As an incentive, offer a free or discounted Wine Saver PRO unit to restaurants, hotels, and wine bars for maintaining your wines in the system.
  • WAG offers third party billing for wineries. It is legal in most states for you to loan a Wine Saver PRO to your best restaurant accounts. And watch you sales grow on 5 wines!
Wine shops, retailers:

Wine Saver PRO is an ideal product for any retailer trading in fine wines.

  • Add a new product line, and a new profit point to your operation. Don’t avoid expensive wines. That is where the profits are.
  • Encourage your customers to try finer wines and a broader variety of wines. Selling finer wines will attract finer customers and build your bottom line.

Now you can have 5 bottles of your best wines open and ready to serve to your guests. You can serve the best and not worry about what to do with the partial bottle. You can do comparative wine tasting and have a great party. “Miss Jones, would you now like to try a bit of the Chateau Lafite?” As one prominent Hedge Fund executive in Greenwich, CT commented, “Having my Wine Saver PRO with 5 top wines ready to serve is kind of like having a Ferrari in my dining room.”