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Travels through Extreme Wine Territory

John and Erica Platter,
Foreword by Hugh Johnson

The most original wine book of the decade! This continent-wide travel and tasting book takes us from Ethiopia to Zimbabwe exploring the wines of Africa which grow in some of the most rugged landscapes and extreme climates anywhere and are among the oldest (Egyption wines) in recorded history. John and Erica Platter are the best-selling wine journalists of South Africa and their wine ratings and tasting notes are widely respected. While most of us will not have the opportunity to taste the wines of Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Reunion and Mauritius these two peripatetic South African wine writers will share their sniffing, spitting and swallowing experiences with you. A fascinating addition to any wine or travel library. Hardback, 9 x 7 inches, 256 pp, full color
$24.95 ISBN 1-891267-52-3
by Richard Baxter, M.D.
Can drinking red wine save your life? Scientific breakthroughs within the past several years suggest that it may not be an unreasonable question. Red wine’s miracle molecule, resveratrol, has been proven to extend life dramatically in experimental animals, and in the short time since the first edition of Age Gets Better with Wine it has practically become a household word. But resveratrol is only one of a family of compounds called polyphenols that may hold the key to preventing Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and everything from cancer to the common cold. With new discoveries come new controversies though; Age Gets Better with Wine explores the question of whether the benefits of healthy drinking can be put into a pill, and delves into the science behind the secret to living longer and living better with wine.
Dr. Baxter is a Medical Director for Healthy Aging magazine for physicians, and has published original research on resveratrol and the anti-aging properties of wine.
“Not only is it accurate, but extremely well said. The book is a gem.” ------ R. Curtis Ellison, M.D. Professor of Medicine & Public Health at Boston University Medical School
SKU#7817 Paperback, 6X9 inches, 208 pages, illustrated and fully indexed
$19.95 ISBN10: 1-934259-24-1; ISBN13: 978-1-934259-24-5
by Dirk Meyhofer & Olaf Gollnek
Following an exhibit titled "Chateaux of Bordeaux" at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, this interesting subject has been brought to life in this large format, beautifully illustrated new book. Written side-by-side in English, German and French, this book takes you on a journey into the interiors and exteriors of some of the top Bordeaux and Napa Valley wineries. Included are many building plans and architect names, as well as information on location, types of wines and tour schedules. Hardcover, 235 pgs.
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by Jeremy Oliver
The essential guide to Australian Wine.
  • The best values and the most important Australian Wines
  • Ten hottest tips in wine investment
  • Jeremy Oliver’s Wine of the Year
  • The latest trends in Australian Wine
  • How long to cellar your wine

  • #7539 Suggested Retail $18.95, ISBN: 0-9581032-3-2
    THE AUSTRALIAN WINE ANNUAL 2005 by Jeremy Oliver
    Ninth Edition

    by Stephen Kittredge Cunningham
    Supplemented by Robert M. Parker, Jr.

    The newest and ninth edition to the bestselling Bartenders’ Black Book franchise has an added 143 brand-new recipes that have poured forth from the minds of bartenders, professional and layperson, around the world over the last two years.
    That brings the total beverage count to 3,000…more than double that of any other drink guide.
    New to the edition are sections dealing with the newest trends in fine imbibing including:
  • Dessert drinks
  • The world’s finest Cognacs
  • Flavored Vodkas, Gins and Rums
  • Floaters, Shooters and Layered Drinks

  • Robert M. Parker, Jr.’s Vintage Guide, and Mr. Cunningham’s already vast Martini section have been expanded and updated.
    SKU#7851 Comb binding, 288pp, 41/2x9 inches, index by ingredients, and metric conversion tables
    $13.95 ISBN10: 1-934259-17-9; ISBN13: 978-1-934259-17-7
    by Burton Anderson
    This is primarily a buyer's guide, suitable for connoisseurs. Wine expert Anderson devotes a two-page spread to each of his 200 favorite Italian wines. Every spread includes a photograph of the wine bottle, a history of the vineyard, recommended vintages, a price key and suggestions for pairing wine and food.
    #7277 Suggested Retail $29.95
    by Nicholas Joly
    “Wine is made in the Vineyard.” It’s the mantra of many a winemaker. But what does it mean, really?
    Esteemed winemaker and biodynamic pioneer Nicholas Joly believes a wine that is well-made in the vineyard must express its unique terroir: the character imbued by a vine’s particular plot of well-tended earth.
    In Biodynamic Wine, Demystified, Joly shares the core philosophy behind biodynamic viticulture and why such practices result in wines of regional distinction. This process treats the vineyard as a self-perpetuating ecological whole influenced not only by terrestrial forces but those of the sun, moon and cosmos. He explains why the use of foreign substances like pesticides and fertilizers in the vineyard, and aromatic yeasts and enzymes in the cellar, as well as mechanisms like electric motors and pumps, disrupt this synergy and are ultimately counterproductive to a wine’s best, consistent expression.
    ISBN-13: 978-1-891267-03-1, ISBN-10: 1891267035 Retail $24.95
    by Randy Leffingwell
    With an inviting lens and eloquent prose, Leffingwell captures the unique characteristics of the different California wine regions, from Mendocino to Temecula. The book also includes the history of winemaking in the state and how and why California wines have become famous around the globe. A beautiful, coffee-table style book perfect for gift giving. 158 pages hardcover.
    #7419 Suggested Retail $29.95
    The Story of a Wine Revolution

    by Stephen Brook
    Contributions from the world's finest wine writers
    Foreword by Hugh Johnson

    One hundred years of war, technological revolutions and massive increases in wealth have changed the wine world, transforming it from a regional and cottage industry to a truly global enterprise. A prestigious team of the world's best wine writers have joined forces to review this transition, continent by continent, nation by nation. This is a genuinely definitive work that explores the history, the politics, religion, culture, climatic changes, fashion and social phenomena that have impacted on wine developments around the world. Such social and economic changes as modern communication and travel, distribution systems, supermarkets and culinary trends are examined in relation to the globalization of wine. Richly illustrated with hundreds of historic photographs, this is a book that will entertain and inform any wine enthusiast or history buff. The concluding chapter by Stephen Brook peeks into the future for wine in the 21st Century.
    Index, Hardback, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 192 pp.
    #7224 Retail $50.00, ISBN 1-891267-33-7
    Tom Stevenson
    The pocket edition of Tom Stevenson's newest guide to champagne is not just a diminutive edition of its larger cousin, Christie's World Encyclopedia of Champagne & Sparkling Wine, it is the newest, most up-to-date work, with a less assuming and mobile size by the author hailed as, "An authority acknowledged even by the Champenois." His renown is matched only by his love of the stuff, which stamps each sentence with that distinctive Stevenson style: "The Titanic was not launched with a bottle of Champagne and we all know what happened to her."
    The book begins with the basics of how sparkling wine is made, how to store and serve sparkling wines and a helpful list of styles, basic divisions of sweetness, vintage and non-vintage, grape varieties, colour and degree of mousse. Then he moves on to his latest tastings of 2001, delineating the minutia of his considerably long list of tasting notes (also included) into easy to distinguish comparative performance tables. The always thoughtful Tom Stevenson also adds a small section on how to read his tasting notes and scoring system. There is a glossary of champagne and sparkling wine terms and, probably the most unusual and gleefully received section of his book, a list of local champagne and sparkling wine retailers categorized by state and outlining contact information, years in business, brands carried, tasting schedules (if applicable), best sellers and comments and advice on store selection.
    The reader is guaranteed that every wine recommended in this guide has been personally tasted for this edition. This marvelous little book was voted Best Wine Guide by World Food Media Awards, proving that in a world of wine books the size of aircraft carriers, modest quality is still a premium.
    Soft Cover, 5 x 8 inches, 240 pp,
    ISBN: 1-891267-41-8
    CHEESE, The Italian Pantry Series
    by Leonardo Romanelli and Gabriella Ganugiby Gabriella Ganugi
    Details on 30 regional cheeses from Asiago to Valtellina Casera. Hardback, 8-1/4 x 9-1/4 inches, 64 pp, 160 color photos, maps and recipes.

    THE ITALIAN PANTRY COLLECTION: Each Italian Pantry book is unique in style, content and recipes. A short history of the Italian food product is followed by a detailed description of the production techniques and notes for evaluating and appreciating the regional differences. Italy has a very complex food culture, with distinctly different cheese, pasta,olive oil and cured meats in each region and even within certain towns. These books take a geographical approach to the regional specialties, with maps showing the area of production, notes on the product of that region and typical recipes using the distinct produce of that area. The Italian Pantry books are valuable references for culinary students and professionals as they are scholarly and technically informative. Lavish color photos of each type of cheese, pasta, olive oil, cured meat and prepared dishes (with recipes), provide a very pleasant browse or read.
    #7375 Retail $12.95 ISBN 1891267698
    by Sara Matthews
    Photographs highlighting Chile's vineyards and wineries.

    Well-known wine industry photographer Sara Matthews has captured 125 images illustrating the unique diversity and spectacular beauty of Chile's vineyards and wineries.
    "Chile is unique because of its geography, its culture and its people. I have tried to portray this uniqueness through my photographs, with each chapter showing a different aspect of the wine region. Some chapters, such as The Flow, are more conceptual, embracing the mountain streams and flowing wine. Other chapters show the majesty of the mountains or the teams of people who create Chile's fine, distinctive wines. Through the book I hope the reader can see Chile's beauty and understand the efforts of these wineries to produce wines of great character." — Sara Matthew, Photographer/Author
    " As Global awareness of the quality and beauty of Chilean wines increases, so does the curiosity about this premium wine growing Nation. This is the first comprehensive photo essay of the Chilean vineyards, the wineries and the people." — Elliott Mackey, Publisher
    "My family recognized the breathtaking beauty and exciting potential of Chile almost twenty years ago. Sara Matthews' stunning images and storytelling reveal the heart and sould of Chile" — Robert Mondavi
    "Sara Matthew' exquisite, beautifully composed images bring the world of Chilean wine to vibrant life. No longer will "Chile" be just a word on a bottle; it will speak of misty vineyards, smiling faces, majestic mountains and the art of wine". — Anthony Dias Blue
    9" x 12", 128 pages, Bilingual English/Spanish (US), published by The Wine Appreciation Guild and Origo Ediciones.
    ISBN 1891267-73-6 Suggested Retail $40.00
    The most up-to-date and detailed Chilean wine map on the market. 3'x2', this map shows the entire country in detail, with the locations of all major producers indicated. There is detailed information on the climate, grape varieties, history and production methods of Chilean wines. The second side also has sub-maps of each of the 12 major valleys, with microclimate information, major producers and style characteristics. Fold-up map or flat, glossy map for hanging or framing.
    #7445 Suggested Retail $14.95 Fold-up map
    Suggested Retail $19.95 Flat glossy map
    CHILEAN WINE, The Heritage
    Rodrigo Alvarado
    Illustrated by Raquel Echenique

    Chile’s fine wines have earned their place among the world’s best. The good value wines of Chile first sparked international attention and now their premium quality wines are frequently compared to the best of California and Europe. This success demands an explanation of the origins and development of this “new world” wine industry with a 450 year old tradition. The author is a professional enologist with a passion for history and culture. He chronicles the major landmarks and highlights of the geography and human endeavors that provide this heritage of fine wine production in Latin America.
    Hardcover, 7 x 9 inches, 192 pages, full color original illustrations, maps, appendixes
    ISBN 1-891267-80-9
    Hernán Maino Aguierre Editor,
    Bilingual, Spanish/English

    Only a crack team of ten Chilean journalists and three photographers could produce such a magnificent and thorough book on this exciting "New World" wine region. As Chilean wines permeate the global market and bring home the gold medals, there is a need to know more. No other book can provide as much information as this exceptional work.
    With seven panoramic tri-fold pages of the major regions, the reader is transported visually to the vineyards. It is a work of all original text, spectacular photos and maps and a comprehensive view of the culture and the wines.
    The leading 25 producers are chronicled and described in detail as are the nine viticutural valleys an ten major grape varieties. Selecting the best of Chilean wines is made easy with the extensive tasting notes provided. Fascinating chapters on organic wines, wine for health, wine touring and the art of harmonizing Chilean food and wine are a real bonus in this book.
    Your visit to Chile will be greatly facilitated by the Wine Routes chapter, with foldout maps, details of major hotels, restaurants, museums and natural wonders. "Must-see" recommendations are made for each of the wine valleys with typical one to seven day itineraries.
    A triumph of book design and production, the quality of this work compliments the perpetual rising quality of Chilean wines.
    Hardbound 10 x 14 inches, 240 pp, 600 color photos, maps, botanical drawings and labels
    ISBN 956-234-080-5
    CONCANNON: The First One Hundred and Twenty-Five Years
    The First One Hundred and Twenty-Five Years

    by Tim Patterson; Photographs by Andy Katz
    Wine industry insider Tim Patterson retells the tale of Concannon Vineyards’ historical contributions to the California wine industry through the memories of Jim Concannon, grandson of founder James Concannon.
    From the family’s late-nineteenth century immigration to the Livermore Valley to their present-day prominence, their all-American narrative gives real breadth to the historical understanding of California wine and can be counted among the rare rousing wine industry biographies. Lavishly illustrated by world-renowned wine industry photographer Andy Katz.
    “The Irish-Italian heritage of the Concannons helps explain the ecumenical history and added dynamism of Livermore’s winegrowers and vintners. Their heritage is a pearl of great price that merits new appreciation.”
    John A. De Luca, Ph.D.
    Paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 168 pages, maps, glossary.
    Retail $49.95 ISBN 0-9649805-9-2
    Eating and Drinking in La Serenissima

    Ruth Edenbaum and Shannon Essa
    The city of Venice is one of the most beautiful in the world, but a visit is too often marred by meals at bad restaurants with high prices, unscrupulous waiters, and tasteless food. With this book in hand, the traveler will find the best places to eat and drink in Venice, from a simple sandwich to pizza to an elegant four course meal, in places off the beaten track as well as steps away from the Piazza San Marco.
    The reader will learn how, when and what the Venetians eat and drink, where to get the best cichetti (Venetian bar snacks) and where to find restaurants and bars open after 10:00pm. In addition to forty restaurants and forty bars, there is a list of markets, specialty food stores and wine shops. Whether you are visiting Venice for three days, three weeks or three months, Chow! Venice is a guidebook that will prove invaluable.
    Paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 168 pages, maps, glossary.
    #7421 Retail $14.95 ISBN 1-891267-60-4
    Yair Margalit, Ph.D,
    Editor, James Crum, Ph.D
    Yair Margalit, Ph.D, is a world renowned physical chemist, a practicing winemaker, university professor, and the author of the best selling Winery Technology & Operations.
    This book is the product of his years of research and practical winemaking experience. The state-of-the art in wine chemistry based on the current literature.
    Contains all aspects of wine production based on the components of grapes and their transformation into wine through fermentation, aging, cellaring and packaging. Emphasis is on the current knowledge of elevating wine quality.
    ISBN 0-932664-91-1, Suggested Retail $89.95
    Hardback, 7 x 10 inches, 446 pp
    Yair Margalit, Ph.D.
    This is the companion book to the author's best selling Concepts In Wine Chemistry. It is a successor to his original Winery Technology & Operations. Since the author published his first book in 1990, he has shifted much of his time from research and teaching to operating his own small winery and consulting world-wide with other winemakers. Thus, this new text has a very practical and applied science character. In addition there have been significant discoveries and technological advances in winemaking since the original text. The enlarged sections on fermentation, skin contact, acid balance, the use of oak, phenolics and quality control reflect and expand upon the original text.
    This is a "how-to" book, organized in the sequence of the processes a winemaker faces when confronted with the rapid challenge of converting fresh grapes into good wine. As the author points out, the grapes will make wine by themselves due to natural biological and chemical processes. However, to make good wine or even great wine, nature must be guided by the skilled and artful hand of the winemaker.
    The author's many years of experience in producing many different wines helps the reader focus on the right processes at the right time to achieve winemaking success. This book stands on the shoulders of the original highly acclaimed text and again it can be said: "Don't make wine without it"!
    Hardbound, 7 x 10 inches, 263 pp illustrated, charts and graphs, index ISBN 1-891267-51-5
    by Steve De Long & Deborah De Long
    One-hundred eighty-four of the world’s favorite grape varieties organized by body and acidity. The accompanying reference book, The Wine and Grape Indexes, is the most comprehensive index available of the grape varieties used in worldwide wine appellations. Expertly printed on heavyweight acid-free archival paper and individually packaged in a sturdy cardboard gift tube.
    Index book: paperback, 4x8 inches, 88 pages
    Chart: 24x36 inches
    $35.00 SKU# 7545 ISBN10: 0-9723632-1-1
    by Tom Parker
    And introduction and guide to one of the country's most exciting and up-and-coming wine regions. In a very consumer-friendly style, this book covers all of Washington's different appellations, notable wineries and leading wines by type. Also featured are maps, illustrations and a current list of all wineries in Washington. Paperback, 160 pgs.
    #7431 Suggested Retail $16.95
    Terroir & Travel
    2nd Edition

    by Elmari Swart and Izak Smit
    Forewords by Andrew Jefford and Michael Fridjhon

    The Essential Guide to South African Wines: Terroir & Travel creates a historical and holistic experience for wine lovers of any level. The authors take wine lovers on an excursion through this exciting region, discovering the terroir, viticulture, winemaking techniques and the flagship wines of some of the top producers. For independent adventurers looking to bypass day-tours, it provides detailed GPS waypoints for heading straight to places of interest. It also features tips on “Tasting and Understanding Wine Styles” to enhance any wine tasting experience.
    SKU#7722- 2ND Paperback, 8½ x 6 inches, 224 pp, color photos and maps
    $29.95 ISBN10: 062035500X; ISBN13: 978-0620355001
    The Far Side of Eden
    by James Conway
    The controversial and popular new title from the author of Napa: The Story of an American Eden. This novel picks up where Napa left off, with a bit of overlap. Beautiful Napa in the 1990s is threatened by McMansions, by the blindness of "lucky spermers", and by the nouveau riche desire for boutique wineries with "rocket juice" (cabernet). Conway analyzes the battle between wealthy winery owners and environmental activists, telling the tale in a semi-fictional style, while barely hiding his own preferences. This book is a must-read for those in the industry, or just fascinated by it. Hardcover, 365 pgs.
    #7433 Suggested Retail $28.00
    by Carla Capalbo
    Indispensable for anyone planning on visiting the region. This is a complete insider's handbook that will lead you to hundreds of gastronomic delights, including 168 restaurants, trattorias, osterias and enotecas. Also includes information on 137 wineries, 61 olive oil producers, 31 cheese makers, dozens of artisan culinary producers, plus information on village markets, food festivals, gourmet stores, bakeries and more. Paperback, 406 pgs.
    #7328 Suggested Retail $18.95
    by Thomas Keller
    The French Laundry in Napa Valley has been described as "the most exciting place to eat in the United States" by Ruth Reichl in The New York Times. Now, for the first time, 150 of chef/proprietor Thomas Keller's recipes are exactly described in this beautiful, large format cookbook. No shortcuts have been taken, no critical steps ignored, and all have been thoroughly tested in home kitchens. It's the next best thing to eating at the French Laundry. With incredible photography, this book is part of a growing genre of cookbooks loosely described as "food porn". Hardcover, 325 pgs.
    #7432 Suggested Retail $50.00
    Very specific, current information on thousands of wines from popular and unheard-of producers alike. This is the definitive tome for anyone shopping for Italian wines- for dinner tonight or to lay down for years to come. Organized geographically and updated annually, no store with an Italian wine section should be without at least one copy of this book. Paperback, with 864 pgs.
    #7075-02 Suggested Retail $30.00
    The Wine Cartoons of Doug Pike
    Foreword by Robert M. Parker, Jr.

    Doug Pike, the acclaimed cartoonist of eRobertParker.com, the website of wine-czar Robert M. Parker, Jr., wields his rapier wit at the native inhabitants of the wacky world of wine in this collection of 100 of his best-loved works. Topics include (by chapter):
    The Merchant of Vinous: The retail experience
    Silence of the Lambruscos: The Uneasy Consumer
    Beauty and the Yeast: The Waiter’s Lament
    Ben-Hermitage: The winemaker at work
    Saving Private Rhine Wine: The Domestic Front
    Lord of the Rieslings: Wine and Life
    Doug Pike’s wine cartoons are a regular feature on the on-line version of Robert M. Parker Jr.’s, The Wine Advocate, the most highly trafficked wine-related site on the Web. His cartoons that take a poke at the business world have been used by Forbes, former CNBC anchorman Ron Insana, The Munder Fund, Dick Davis Digest, GE Private Asset Management, Standard & Poor’s and many others.
    “Doug has a real feel for the psyche of the serious wine nut (and his/her long suffering spouse) and never fails to poke fun at them with a deft hand and his own trademark brand of humor.” --Robert M. Parker, Jr.
    SKU#7834 Paperback,81/2X7 inches, full-color, 106 pp
    $12.95 ISBN10: 1-934259-05-5; ISBN13: 978-1-934259-05-4
    Wine Characters of Australia

    by Tony Curtis
    Wine is often portrayed as a complex and expansive hobby for the well to do. This book dives between the cracks and brings ot the surface a refreshing snapshot of Australian wine, the characters behind it and their fantastic vineyards. Burtsting with cheeky photography by renowned photographer Esmeralda Wood, the unique portraitures that feature throughout make this ultimate coffee table book..."a funny flick with colorful language that makes your journey to the bottom of a bottle all the more enjoyable."
    ISBN: 0977514706, ISBN-13: 978-0-9775147-0-0
    Suggested Retail $24.95
    Wine Characters of New Zealand

    by Sunil Badami
    Wine is often portrayed as a complex and expensive hobby for the well to do. This book dives between the cracks and brings to the surface a refreshing snapshot of New Zealand wine, the characters behind it and their fantastic vineyards.
    Bursting with cheeky photography by renowned photographer Esmeralda Wood, the unique portraitures that feature throughout make this the ultimate coffee table book.
    Good Wine, Bad Language, Great Vineyards is a funny flick with colourful language that makes your journey to the bottom of a bottle all the more enjoyable
    ISBN: 0977514722, ISBN-13: 978-0-9775147-2-4
    Suggested Retail $24.95
    by Roy Renfro
    Next time you raise a glass of fine wine or cognac to your lips, stop and thank . . . a Texan.
    Grape Man of Texas is the first biography of Thomas Volney Munson (1843-1913), the internationally recognized horticulturist who developed over 300 new varieties of grapes, some of which are still grown today on almost every continent. He is perhaps best known for his work in fighting the phylloxera epidemic of the late nineteenth century, which nearly destroyed the world’s vineyards. His solution—grafting vinifera onto certain resistant native rootstocks from Texas—earned him the Chevalier du Merite Agricole in the French Legion of Honor and numerous accolades.
    This second edition introduces new insights into the phylloxera period, Munson’s many papers and publications, and his far-sighted grasp of the needs of twentieth century agriculture and transportation. It details the continuing influence of both his research and his hybrid grapes on modern viticulture and new varieties of vitis that have been bred from them around the world.
    ISBN-13: 978-1-934259-04-7, ISBN-10: 1934259047 Suggested Retail $39.95
    by Oz Clarke and Margaret Rand
    The definitive new guide to the world's great grapes and the wines they make. With a focus on 17 of the world's most noble grapes, the authors cover tradition and innovation, methods used in the vineyard and winery, different wine styles and the places and people behind them. A comprehensive book with loads of images, tables and maps. The most up-to-date book on the subject. Hardcover, 320 pages.
    #7417 Suggested Retail $37.50
    Revised and Updated Edition
    Remington Norman & Charles Taylor
    Foreword by Michael Broadbent
    Available November 2009

    Burgundy, subdivided into hundreds of domaines that are often family-run and sometimes covering no more than a few hectares, can be stiflingly fragmented even to wine experts.
    In compiling this revised and updated edition to their classic, award-winning text, the authors revisited the domaines of the previous edition plus scores of “rising stars,” to select the very best and most interesting producers. The authors provide detailed descriptions of the microclimates of the region, the most important grapes and wine styles, as well as tips on buying, storing and tasting wine and a summary of recent vintages.
    This new edition constitutes the fullest, and most authoritative and penetrating analysis available of this complex wine region.
    Remington Norman is a Master of Wine and a member of the Académie Internationale du Vin, and the author of the acclaimed Rhône Renaissance. Charles Taylor runs the London-based Montrachet Fine Wine Merchants.
    SKU#6709-2ND Hardcover, 81/2x11 inches, 288pp, photos, maps and vineyard charts, fully indexed $65.00
    ISBN10: 1-934259-19-5
    ISBN13: 978-1-934259-19-1
    Great Tastes Made Simple, by Andrea Immer
    by Andrea Immer
    In her down-to-earth style, Andrea Immer takes the mystery out of pairing food and wine, providing crystal-clear tips and insights for everyone from novice to connoisseur. She unlocks the secrets of basic food tastes- sweet, earthy, savory, buttery, tart and spicy- and how these tastes interact with wine. Filled with recipes and a cross-section of wine to taste with them, her tastings are easy and informative. This book does for food and wine pairing what Great Wine Made Simple did for wine tasting. Hardcover, 290 pages.
    #7388 Suggested Retail $27.50