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A Guide to Port

by Ben Howkins
Revised and updated third edition of the established standard book on Port.

Revised and updated third edition of the established standard book on Port. Long the Port guide for The International Wine and Food Society and required reading for the Wine Education Trust diplomas. As the world demand and prices for Port continue to climb, as new Quintas and shippers emerge, updated information from an established authority becomes indispensable. The fascinating history of the region and the trade along with detailed descriptions of the viticulture and winemaking techniques are covered. Special attention has been give to tasting notes and comments on new labels and a thorough updating of the Vintage charts and the aging potential of the great Ports.
New information is provided on the changes in ownership, the role of great wine families, world market trends and viticultural and enological technical advances. Updated tips on touring the region with sound recommendations for dining and lodging.
Valuable notes on tasting and evaluating Ports, Port with food and "Ports" from other countries are included.
Paperback 5-1/2 x 8 inches, 180 pp, maps, photos and vintage tables.
#985 Retail $19.95
ROGOV’S GUIDE TO ISRAELI WINES: The Definitive and Comprehensive 2006 Edition
by Daniel Rogov
“(Rogov’s Guide is) indispensable for fans of Israel's fast-growing industry.”
--Howard Goldberg, New York Times

Over the past two decades, Israeli wine producers have raised their standards to world-class levels. With over 140 wineries now producing thousands of wines annually, Israeli wines have made their way onto the world wine scene. This is the only comprehensive guide to the exciting new and growing phenomenon of Israeli wines and this new edition now adds detailed maps of Israel’s wome regions; coverage of over 140 wineries (from 120 last year); a new tasting chart for your own ratings; contact details of all wineries; and almost 1,200 wines tasted, rated and fully described, through the 2004 vintage.

  • 400 pages of useful information in full color
  • Introduction to history, wine regions and grape varietals
  • Vintage reports for the past decade
  • Information about every winery in Israel
  • Critical ratings of 1,200 wines
  • Symbols for easy reference
  • A full glossary of wine terminology
  • A guide to tasting wine
  • A section of sparkling wines
  • Sample rating charts to use when tasting
  • How to host a wine-tasting event

  • #7583, ISBN 1-59264-128-8, Retail Price $19.95
    by Dave Broom
    Photographs by Jason Lowe

    One of the world's oldest and best selling spirits, often misunderstood, steeped in tradition and with a colorful though not always honorable past. This is the first comprehensive, illustrated book to cover rum's history, production and full range of flavors. The pure rums are detailed by their island or country of origin, with an explanation of the climatic differences and productions methods that provides each with unique character. A guide to tasting and evaluating the full range of rums by style and class is provided along with a section on spiced and blended rums and how they are made and marketed. The book concludes with a directory of 180 of the world's most notable rums complete with statistics, tasting notes, label photos and a rating from one to five stars. Beverage managers and bartenders both professional and at home, will find this an essential buying guide and very entertaining reading.
    Hardback, 11 x 9-1/2 inches, 176 pp, 80 color photos.
    #7402 Suggested Retail $45.00
    Second Edition, Brian K. Julyan
    An indispensable one-stop resource for sommeliers, hospitality managers, food and beverage managers, trainers and students. More than just a thorough and concise summarization of wine, this text also offers valuable information on every aspect of serving alcohol, including stocking and preparation, sales techniques, cleanup, and safety. The interests of both customers (good service) and business owners (high, sustained sales) are considered, with instructions on such important yet under addressed subjects as teamwork, customers' complaints, and drunken patrons. This title is on the required reading for the Master Sommelier program, and includes appendixes and self-assessment questions on each chapter. Paperback, 228 pgs.
    #7243 Suggested Retail $29.95
    Gene Ford, Foreword by Norman M. Kaplan, MD
    The scientific evidence is mounting daily: Moderate drinking is good for you! No longer is abstinence from alcohol a rule of good health. Quite the opposite! Medical science has established beyond a doubt that moderate drinkers live longer, happier and healthier lives than non-drinkers. This book even documents higher financial income for moderate drinkers.
    Why is this good news not fully disclosed to the public? Gene Ford, a lifelong researcher and expert on drinking and health explains the political, social and religious pressures in America which have suppressed the truth about the benefits of moderate drinking. America has its roots in Puritanism: "Anything that feels good must be evil." Wide spread alcohol abuse in early America lead to prohibition, which only lead to more crime and alcohol problems.
    The social and medical answers are all in this book! How much is enough? How much is too much? Certainly there is a small percentage of the population who should not drink, but the vast majority, both men and women, young and old, will benefit from daily imbibing. Most important are the Cardiovascular benefits of red wine. Angina, atherosclerosis, blood clots, coronary artery disease, strokes and heart attacks are all reduced by moderate drinking. The surprising benefits of wine as an anti-oxidant, reducing Cancer morbidity and mortality is documented. Over 1500 studies and articles are cited as the science behind the 30 specific health benefits of moderate drinking. From Alzheimers to Osteoperosis to Ulcers, from the Common Cold to Diabetes to Kidney Stones-here is a panorama of good news about drinking never before assembled in a single book. This is a book of Science. Give it to your doctor and then choose your daily dose of pleasure, "To Your Health."
    Hardcover, 7 x 9 inches, 460 pp, graphs, charts, extensive bibliography and index.
    ISBN 1-891267-47-7 Suggested Retail $29.95
    by Max Allen
    A well-designed, very stylized, hip book that explores in detail how countries, regions, grapes, and winemaking in all corners of the globe affect the taste of wine. A very good primer. Paperback, 142 pages.
    #7346 Suggested Retail $19.95
    by Mildred Howie
    Newly revised and updated, this Vintage Image guidebook includes everything the civilized traveler needs before setting off for Sonoma. Includes maps, a winery index, and unbiased reviews on restaurants, lodging, delicatessens and other activities. All selections and recommendations are based solely on merit, from local researchers who really know the wine country. Contact information and tasting room hours are included to help make traveling in Sonoma easier and more enjoyable. A must-have for anyone planning on visiting Sonoma. Paperback, 128pgs.
    #543 Suggested Retail $11.95
    Case Histories, Tactics and Stories of Wine Public Relations

    by Harvey Posert and Paul Franson
    Spinning the Bottle: Case Histories, Tactics and Stories of Wine Public Relations is a broad guide to wine public relations.
    From Blue Nun to Two-Buck Chuck, the book contains 50 chapters by wine professionals who share their successes — and a few failures — with wine industry and public relations professionals and students. The book contains discussions of community relations, tasting rooms, food and wine programs, Guinness records and many marketing PR case histories, such as "Build a Better Burger." Promotion of varieties and appellations are included.
    The editors are well-known authorities in the field. Harvey Posert led PR programs for the California Wine Institute and Robert Mondavi Winery and is now a consultant. Paul Franson was head of a major California pr firm and now writes about wine as a freelancer.
    #7483 Suggested Retail $39.95
    by Patrick Iland, Peter Gago, Andrew Callard, Peter Dry
    Four of Australia’s leading wine scientists collaborate to produce the most current and accurate text on wine appreciation. Serious academic presentation of the customary topics from wine history to food and wine pairing are provided with profuse color illustration. Used as a textbook in many Australian universities, this book gives a balanced view of grape growing and wine making practices throughout the world. Popular topics such as organic and Biodynamic viticulture are explained. Detailed instructions on tasting and evaluating wine are provided and well illustrated with color photos. Suitable as a course textbook or as a self tutorial for the serious wine consumer.
    SKU#7958 Hardcover, 8 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches, 208 pp, 300 color photos, fully inedxed
    $65.00 ISBN10: 0-9581605-3-8 ISBN13: 978-0-9581605-3-7
    by David Copp
    Learn what makes Hungary's Tokaji wien country one of the world's finest viticultural regions, and how best to tour this ancient land famous for its nectar of the vine.
    ISBN: 9638752432 ISBN 13: 9789638752437 Suggested Retail $22.00
    The Wine of Freedom

    (Available Soon)
    by Alkonyi László

    "Tokaj is Eden abandoned. Here miracles follow upon the expectation of epiphany as light falls on shadow." So begins this beautiful and passionate book where the author reflects the exotic beauty and emotions of the wine, the countryside and the people. No other wine region in the world can provide anything remotely similar.
    Tokaj, traditionally referred to as "the wine of kings and the king of wine" is in a state of rediscovery as the nation of Hungary enjoys its new era of freedom. This is a bi-lingual book, published in both Hungarian and English, reflecting the global demand for this rare wine.
    The extraordinary photography reveals the unique geography, the terroir, the grape varieties, the botrytis ripening and processing of the grapes and the people who devote their lives to this viticultural nectar. The major estates and their essential statistics are provided. A full color, fold-out Viticultural map of the Tokaj region orients the reader to the 55 estates approved to produce this special wine.
    A description of the enological practices that yield the Aszu wines is provided along with vintage charts from 1801 to present. (the wine is known to keep for a 100 years). As French, Spanish, English and American itners are now involved, there is a blend of tradition and modern winemaking, raising the quality to even higher levels. higher levels. "For this Garden of Eden needs lovers true and fair, willing to make the pilgrimage for the treasures of Nature."
    Hardbound, 10 x 12 inches, 240 pp, 500 color photos, fold-out maps, charts and labels.
    ISBN 1-891267-50-7
    The Science of Wine Explained

    David Bird, MW
    The first high-tech book on wine written by a Master of Wine who knows how to taste as well as make wine. Written originally as a tutorial for students of the Diploma exam of the nd the Master of Wine degree (the highest possible achievement in wine appreciation), this is the first book that explains the science and technological mysteries of wine in simple terms. Expert wine tasters who do not have an education in chemistry, physics or biology, can assimilate these concepts from this book. The topics range from the secrets of the vineyard, through the processing of grapes to the complexities of fermentation , the stabilization of wine and the various processes and treatments, quality control to the final bottling. Fully illustrated in color with user-friendly charts, diagrams, graphs and photos. Index and glossary.
    Paperback, 6 x 8 inches, 226pp, ISBN 1-891267-39-6
    Sustainable Winegrowing in Napa County

    by Juliane Poirier Locke
    Published by the Napa Sustainable Winegrowing Group, this book looks at the people, the practices and the difficulties of managing vineyards in a watershed, Napa Valley in particular. Chapters cover such topics as soil erosion, water supply, wildlife management and crop cover. The first and only book of it's kind. Paperback, 181 pgs.
    #7442 Suggested Retail $15.95
    The Regional Wines of Italy

    by Joseph Bastianich & David Lynch
    This is the most current and comprehensive guide to the wines of Italy now available. It surveys the country's wine-producing regions; identifies key wine styles, producers, and vintages; and offers delicious regional recipes. Extensive reference materials-on Italy's 300 growing zones, 361 authorized grape varieties, and 200 of the top producers- provide essential information for restaurateurs and wine merchants, as well as for wine enthusiasts. Recently lauded by Frank J. Prial in his weekly column in The New York Times. Hardcover, 528 pgs.
    #7333 Suggested Retail $35.00
    by Benjamin Lewin, M.W.
    A revolution is underway in Bordeaux. The top châteaux have been obtaining unprecedented prices for their wines, while smaller chateau are going bankrupt. Enormous changes in the production and style of wine have been accomplished by advances in viticulture and vinification coupled with climatic changes. The battle between modernists and traditionalists plays out through the garage wines, felt by some to be the newest wave, and by others to be a caricature of Bordeaux.
    Pulling together information from a variety of sources including the market in Bordeaux, changing patterns of ownership, and new possibilities in viticulture and vinification, bestselling science and wine author Benjamin Lewin presents a unique overview of the forces making Bordeaux wine what it is today.
    SKU#7957 Hardcover, 6x9 inches, 271 pages, full color maps, photos and illustrations, fully indexed
    $34.95 ISBN10: 1-934259-20-9; ISBN13: 978-1-934259-20-7
    by Jamie Ross
    The story of Chile’s grand old winery and industry cornerstone, Where Angel’s Tread plots the course of Montes’ long journey from humble beginnings to its current iconic status, which was fundamental to (and an allegory of) Chilean winemaking’s own rise to global prominence.

    • Winner Gourmand World Book Award 2006, “Best Wine History Book”
    • Lavish photographs of founders, vineyards and cellars. Includes never-before-seen, turn-of-the-century daguerreotypes
    • Quick guide to founder Aurelio Montes’ favorite Montes wines produced to date
    • Color maps of the Montes Winery region along with production statistics according to wine variety
    • Foreword by Hugh Johnson
    ISBN: 09568077731 ISBN-13:978-9568077730
    Suggested Retail $24.95
    Kevin Zraly (2005 Edition)
    All major wine regions and styles are detailed along with instructions on tasting wine and superb wine judgments. A classic.
    #913 Retail $24.95
    by Michael Cooper
    The first atlas devoted entirely to New Zealand wines and winemaking. Visually stunning and authoritatively documented, this Atlas builds on the award-winning success of the author's prior tome which ran to five editions. As New Zealand wines rise to top international status in world competitions they are increasingly sought after in Europe and America. The curiosity and interest in learning more about these extraordinary wines intensifies. No other book or even group of books provides as much information and insight into this magnificent wine-growing nation, the terroir, the people and the end product. Each region is detailed with first-hand essays on the producers, vital statistics and tasting notes. An illustrated history of the wine industry, technical overview of the climate, soils and wine styles and thirty specially commissioned maps establishes this as the essential reference on the subject.
    Hardcover, 12 x 9-1/2 inches, 288 pp, 100 color photos.
    #7403 Retail $60.00
    A New Method Which Will Revolutionize the Practice and Art of Wine Tasting

    Gérard Basset, MW, MS
    Tim Winter, Photographer

    In recent years, wine has climbed out of its elite enclave and has established a wider, younger audience. Yet, while many drink it, few dare comment on it. With his clear and entertaining approach Gerard Basset removes this stumbling block and takes both keen amateur and wine professional on a fascinating tour of the wine experience. Full of practical advice, deciphers wine speak, gives complete tasting procedures and explores the role of the senses. In particular, Basset contests some established methods, (notably on rating wines) and makes an unprecedented examination of the psychology of wine tasting.
    Hardback, 8 x 10-1/2 inches, 192pp, 100 color photos.
    #7407 Retail $40.00, ISBN 1-891267-68-X
    Mahesh Kumar
    A London based, chartered accountant and financial professional develops the Fine Wine Index and documents how investment in fine wines over past 20 years equal “or exceed” the return from stocks and bonds. Based on the Nobel Prize winning portfolio theory of Harvey Markovitz, the author provides a mean-variance model with expected return, standard deviations (risks) and correlations between asset returns. Since portfolios including Fine Wines have higher Sharpe ratios than stocks and bonds only, they have a higher expected rate of return per unit of risk. Extensive data and charts document the performance for each investment for every 5 year period since 1983. The “blue chip” wines and vintages are discussed and strategies for reduction of risk by buying the right wines at the right time are recommended. Hardbound, 128 pp.
    #7503 Retail $45.00

    Edited by Betty Fussell with an Introduction by Julia Childs
    Two unrivaled masters of the Epicurean arts, Julia Child and Robert Mondavi, champion an A-list of scholars and philosophers, poets and painters to bring to life these two gorgeous volumes which are consumption's final and definitive sensory resource. These books are not simply the illustrated anatomy of food and wine's hard parts, but rather their ethereal, poetic center. And, in a country of competing food and drink neuroses, they are sensual self-help books.
    When you crack the binding and pull back the cover of Volume I, Giuseppe Arcimboldo's famous painting of a man comprised entirely of strategically placed fruits and vegetables stares out at you with black olive eyes. At a distance it looks like an admirable painting of a man's profile, but as you approach, the apple appears in the round cheek, a lumpy russet swaps with the nose and a toupee of grapes double for tight curls of hair. That you are wholly what you eat is the essential point of both books. What you take into your body and how, designs the rest of you, so it is best to be conversant with the ins and outs of your own body and soul.
    Wine, Food & the Arts, Volume I and II are like no other books on the subject. They are a literary repertoire of art, poetry, photography, essays and articles about happy, healthy consumption which was collected by The American Institute of Wine & Food. To the high-order hedonist, these books are indispensable.
    Volume I: Soft Cover, 9 X 12 inches, 101 pp, ISBN: 1-891267-45-0
    Volume II: Soft Cover, 9 X 12 inches, 109 pp, ISBN: 1-891267-46-9
    Success Stratgies for a Saturated Market

    Liz Thach, PHD, Janeen Olsen, PHD and Paul Wagner
    “The Definitive Textbook on Wine Marketing”
    Long overdue, this comprehensive text provides an in-depth, hands-on approach to wine marketing and sales. Authored by leading wine marketing professors and Napa’s most respected wine marketing and communication consultant, this new work covers the total range of the wine marketing profession, from the initial theoretical concepts to the detailed tactical steps for every marketing and sales application. Filled with useful tips and success stories gleaned from the global wine business, it’s essential to a rounded college marketing curriculum, and necessary, and accessible, for winery owners and staff who lack formal marketing training. Serious wine enthusiasts, or anyone who has ever dreamed of owning a winery, will encounter information never before published; and for dispirited wine marketers everywhere who feel like they’re herding alligators, this is a book that should give them plenty of ideas about how to navigate the wine-market swamp, and drive them to your brand.
    “(In explaining) wine business principles such as marketing, strategy, finance and social responsibility, this book does an excellent job” -ROBERT G. MONDAVI
    “…not only for students and professionals, …also helpful for wine enthusiasts seeking a deeper understanding of industry dynamics” -SAM BRONFMAN
    Hardcover, $69.95, 323 pages, 7x10 inches, Fully Indexed and Illustrated ISBN: 1-891267-99-X
    A Handbook for Small Wineries

    by Steve De Long & Mark De Long
    A simple, concise and elegant way to hit the ground running and learn about wine tasting. Here’s an easy way for everyone to develop their wine tasting skills. Available in three versions: a hardcover notebook, a softcover notebook and a pocket guide, these guides are a mini-tasting course in three parts:
    1. Wine Tasting Terms builds your wine tasting vocabulary with brief explanations of wine flavors and faults.
    2. How to Take a Wine Tasting Note walks you through the fundamentals of wine tasting.
    3. Wine Note Forms puts the repetitive parts of a note in convenient multiple choice for pros as well as acting as training wheels for beginners.
    Hardcover, 4x73/4 inches, 160 pages, sith “spill proof” wine tasting terms pull-out $14.95 SKU#7907
    ISBN10: 0-9723632-5-4
    ISBN13: 978-0-9723632-2-X

    Softcover, 31/2X71/2 inches, 60 pages, with removable wine tasting term reference sheet
    $6.95 SKU#7886
    ISBN10: 0-9723632-2-X
    ISBN13: 978-0-9723632-2-8
    A Handbook for Small Wineries

    Yair Margalit, Ph.D
    The original handbook for professional winemakers written by a professor of chemistry who is also a practicing winemaker. Everything you need to know from grape harvest to the bottling laboratory with practical charts and tables.
    Includes pre-harvest operations, sulfur-dioxide, skin contact, must corrections, yeast, cellar operations, fining, oak and aging, quality control, analysis of must and wine and specifics for setting up your wine lab. Ideal for students and cellar rats.
    Flexible Hardback, 6 x 9 inches, 224 pp, illustrated, index and appendixes. ISBN 0-932664-66-0
    by James Halliday
    Part of the Mitchell Beazley Wine Guide series, this is the most current guide to the key wine regions, grape varieties, wines and wine producers of Australia. Includes an A-Z listing by region of over 1,100 wine producers, with detailed information about the wines they make, as well as tasting notes and vintage recommendation. Also included are twelve detailed maps of Australia's wine regions, and key information about tourism facilities. James Halliday is an internationally recognized authority on Australian wine and the author of several books on the subject. Hardcover, 208 pgs.
    #7443 Suggested Retail $14.95
    Touring and Tasting Mexico's Undiscovered Treasure

    by Ralph Amey, PhD, CWE
    Preface by Dimitri Tchelistcheff

    The first comprehensive book on Mexican wines published in English. Dimitri Tchelistcheff was technical director at Bodegas Santo Tomas, oldest winery in Baja. A historical Prologue is provided by Dr. Enrique Ferro. Each winery is described in an "Essentials" section listing location, contacts, size, production and winemaker. History, winemaker notes and vineyard and fermentation techniques are included along with tasting notes and suggested food matches. Chapters on Wine Terms, Grapes of Baja, Wine Festivals and Events assist the visitor, as well as sections on where to eat, rest and read more about this exciting region; plus how to get there and what to see in the wine producing valleys. Ideal for any wine enthusiast or armchair traveler.
    Paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 180pp, 42 photos, maps, index.
    #7404 Retail $19.95, ISBN 1-891267-65-6
    by Burton Anderson
    A 2002-2003 pocket-sized A to Z guide to the wines and wine producers of Italy. Includes up-to-date wine recommendations and vintage reviews, a glossary of terms, maps, classification details and regional profiles. Hardcover, 224 pgs.
    #7324 Suggested Retail $14.95
    by Jan Read
    Another in the Mitchell Beazley Wine Guide series. This title covers everything a wine-lover needs to know about Spain's wine regions and producers, from old favorites such as Rioja and Navarra to the lesser-known, up-and-coming wines such as Ribera del Duero and Priorat, as well as sherries, spirits and liqueurs. Each region is covered, with thorough lists of producers, wine types, climates and maps, all in an easy to follow A-Z format. There is also a wealth of pertinent information for tourists. Hardcover, 207pgs.
    #7444 Suggested Retail $14.95
    A vinous thesaurus of (gasp!) 36,975 bizarre, erotic, funny, outrageous, poetic, silly and ugly wine tasting descriptors

    by Bernard Klem
    If you read wine reviews from time to time, you’re already either amused or confused by the soaring language wine writers often use to describe what they’re smelling and tasting. But do you always know what they mean?
    If not, you’re in for a treat because there’s no other book in the English-speaking world quite like this. The author, a lifelong lover of both wine and words, has compiled and organized this unique thesaurus of 36,975 wine tasting descriptors into 20 special collections extracted from 27 categories so you can locate exactly the right term or phrase to express yourself clearly or to understand others.
    SKU#7959 Paperback, 6x9, 346 pages, full-color, fully indexed
    $29.95 ISBN10: 0-9800648-0-5; ISBN13: 978-0-9800648-0-3
    by Tom Stevenson
    NEW EDITION, Fully Revised and Updated
    The first in-depth guide to sparkling wines of the world from Champagne to California, Italy to Australia and beyond.
    A fascinating first section describes the history of sparkling wine and proves beyond any doubt that it was the English rather than the French who first produced a fizzy wine. The main body of the encyclopedia is devoted to profiles of the world's sparkling wine producers accompanied by tasting notes, recommendations for drinking and good value for your money. Another section lists the author's personal selection of sparkling wines to drink for the Millennium. Beautifully illustrated and designed with over 600 full color photographs and illustrations, this is the ultimate book for those who love the good things in life and who want to discover the best to welcome in the year 2000.
    Tom Stevenson is the world's leading authority on Champagne. He is the author of 14 books and winner of 21 literary awards, including 13 for his works on Champagne. He has been voted Wine Writer of the Year three times! Hardback, 280 x 216 mm, 320 pp, 600 color photos and maps.
    #7448 Suggested Retail $60.00
    World Wine Challenge CD-Rom - Multimedia
    by Barry Wiss, Trinchero Winery
    Have fun learning and showing off your knowledge with this interactive wine game. This wine game CD-ROM can also be used as a training tool for restaurant staff or the home connoiseur.

    Suggested Retail $24.95