WAG Named Gourmand Awards 2003 Wine Book Publisher of the Year

Gourmand Award winner Wine Book Publisher of the Year Barcelona, Spain (March 5, 2003) On February 27, 2004 in Barcelona, The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards named The Wine Appreciation Guild WINE BOOK PUBLISHER OF THE YEAR for 2003. Over 50 publishers from 17 countries participated in the competition. Presenter Edouard Cointreau called the South San Francisco based company, "The best publisher and distributor of wine books in the United States." The Wine Appreciation Guild is the only wine book publisher in the US ever honored with this award.

WAG's success at this year's event is largely due to its book Icon: Art of the Wine Label, a collection of works by Sonoma label artists Jeffrey Caldewey and Chuck House and photographed by Robert M. Bruno. Icon took-home 3 awards for US wine books (more than any other wine book worldwide), including Best Wine Book of the Year. But Icon is not simply a photo-essay-which is why it won "Best Wine Book in the World for Professionals." Caldewey and House begin the book with some of the general iconographic theories behind their labels, and then, bottle-by-bottle, discuss the development of each project opposite a full-page, life-size photograph of the finished product.

Another of WAG's 2003 publications, Gene Ford's The Science of Healthy Drinking, won for "Best Wine Literature Book" in the US. The Science of Healthy Drinking presents the latest scientific findings supporting the value of moderate alcohol consumption for 30 of the world's most persistent maladies, including high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, breast cancer, poor cognition, the common cold, stress and obesity.

The Wine Appreciation Guild was founded in 1973 as the official successor to the Wine Advisory Board and is the largest wine book publisher and distributor in North America. The Guild publishes and distributes every type of "fine-living" information in every medium: trade, technical, history, travel, reference books, textbooks, buying guides and cookbooks.

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