The Classic Laguiole Corkscrew
In the mountains of south-central France, in the town of Laguiole, (pronounced Lie-Yoll) a tradition of manufacturing the country's finest knives has existed for centuries. The town's steak knives are a favorite gift at French weddings, as much a standard of excellence and source of pride as wine is in Bordeaux. This long standing reputation for quality is evident in a superbly crafted line of corkscrews. First appearing in 1880, these distinctive corkscrews have been hand assembled in many variations by the town's artisans. The Guild has selected the most elegant of these hand crafted openers for your use.
All pieces are forged, stamped, flattened, hardened, honed, burnished, and sharpened to the highest of standards. Handles are constructed from a variety of finishes. These tools are both seamless in design and func-tionality. This is the one corkscrew that could be used everyday with delight and passed on with pride as an heirloom. Each Laguiole corkscrew comes with a certificate of authen-ticity and a leather case. Gift boxes and Free Standing Countertop Display available.

#1143 Horn-Tip Handle Laguiole
#1144 Rosewood Handle Laguiole
#1147 Aluminum Handle Laguiole
#1149 Olivewood Laguiole
#SOMBU Boxwood Handle
#SOMBR Briarwood Handle
#SOMMA Marquetry Inlay Grape
#SOMTH Thuya Wood Handle
#SOMOS Bone Handle
#SOMST Stamina Wood Handle, Many Colors Available
#SOMST2 Bicolor Stamina Wood
#1145 Wood Gift Box
Suggested Retail $120.00-$150.00

ALLVIN™ Wine Tool
The rapidly growing alternative wine packaging revolution and use of screw cap closures is responded to with the introduction of a multi-use tool, the ALLVIN™.
ALLVIN™ is a handsome stainless steel professional waiters corkscrew with a unique screw cap grabbing device in the center for quick, easy and elegant opening of screw cap finished bottles. Although, screw cap closures are designed for easy opening without any tool except the hand, some consumers report difficulty in opening a new bottle, just as with many other screw cap jars and bottles. The ALLVIN™ adjusts for all standard wine bottle screw caps.
But the real purpose of ALLVIN™, reports the inventor, Australian winemaker Jude Allen: —— “is to provide for an elegant tool for sommeliers and waiters to open screw caps with a flourish at table-side equal to the traditional ceremony of pulling a cork”. Winemaker Jerry Lohr of J Lohr wines who recently introduced screw cap wines on the market commented: “Few people need a tool to open a screw cap bottle, but I can use a tool like ALLVIN™ to help sell our screw cap wines to restaurants.” As a sales aid for winery reps presenting new screw top wines to restaurants, ALLVIN™ meets the one important need to answer restaurant buyer objections to screw tops.
At Vinexpo in Chicago, many other wine marketing executives such as Martin C. Johnson, Executive Vice President, Marketing at Kendall Jackson, expressed extreme interest in ALLVIN™ as a marketing tool to help introduce new screw cap finished brands. Elliott Mackey, VP Marketing at THE WINE APPRECIATION GUILD, a leading corkscrew manufacturer and distributor mentioned: “We have had requests from dozens of wineries for an advertising specialty that bears their brand name to promote their new screw-cap wines. We even had a winery request a corkscrew without the screw, so they could give them to restaurants to dramatize that no corkscrew was necessary!”
With more than 98% of all bottled wines currently sold in restaurants being cork finished, waiters and sommeliers still need a corkscrew. ALLVIN™ meets that need as well, as it is a first class waiters corkscrew, complete with knife for cutting the foil and a boot lever for easy cork pulling. Frederique Mary, Winery Sales Manager at W.A.G., mentioned: “ALLVIN is the perfect promotional item for winery marketing programs, as it is new and unique and will gain immediate attention and comment from sommeliers and restaurateurs.”

Suggested Retail $24.95
Call about imprinting options. Comes in an attractive gift box.
The Winner Corkscrew
The Winner Corkscrew
Perhaps the best corkscrew ever created. Designed by and for people who open bottles for a living. The Winner Corkscrew works quicker and easier than any other style and works equally well with synthetic corks or natural, long or short corks, hard or crumbly corks. In a recent trial with 225 Sommeliers in the top pouring restaurants in America, more than 80 percent preferred The Winner over other corkscrews they have been using.

Suggested Retail $8.95

Fidel's Corkscrew
The first successful combination corkscrew-cigarcutter executed in elegant stainlesssteel. Traditional Waiters Friend style with boot lever and knife. Imprints beautifully. Gift bag and box.

#CIGCUT Suggested Retail $39.95
Quantity discounts available.

Descorjet Bottle Opener
Easy, one-handed operation. Great for opening all sparkling wines. Keep the fizz in your sparkling wine and your table dry.

Suggested Retail $39.95
Rodin Professional Uncorking Machine
Rodin Professional Uncorking Machine
These are the same counter mounted machines used by restaurants and wineries for uncorking. Heavy duty and sturdy with a 5 year warranty against defects.
Available in Chrome, Brass or Brushed Stainless Steel

Suggested Retail: #1187 Chrome $175, #1186 Brass $185, #1186 Stainless Steel $195
Call for quotes when ordering in quantity.

French Plastic Pocket Corkscrew
This is the most cost effective corkscrew forimprinting. The pull off tube that slips intothe top to create a firm grip handle is im-printedto your specifications. Available inblack, blue, burgundy, brown, red, ivory,yellow, green and gray. Made in U.S.A.

Non-Imprinted #1111 Suggested Retail $.99/ea
Imprinted: $30.00 Plate charge. #1111-I, Call for quotes.

Wooden Pocket Corkscrew
A boxwood corkscrew that is as practical and cost effective as the plastic version. Made in France.

Non-Imprinted #1109 Suggested Retail $3.00/ea
Imprinted #1109-I

Monopol Pocket Corkscrew
High quality Stainless Steel

#1159 Suggested Retail $30.00

German Pocket Corkscrew
A unique bullet shaped folding corkscrew.

#1184 Suggested Retail $4.00/ea

This Symbol denotes a Wine Appreciation Guild exclusive product
Grapevine Handle Corkscrew
This unique opener features a strong 5 turn worm attached to an authentic old, gnarled Burgundian vine.

#1113 Suggested Retail $6.95/ea

Large Wooden Bistro
An extremely high quality, finished hard-wood bistro style corkscrew. Rotation of the smaller handle penetrates the cork, while rotation of the larger handle lifts it from the bottle. Made in France.

Non-Imprinted #1107 Suggested Retail $9.00/ea
Imprinted #1107-I

Chrome Double Handled Wing Corkscrew

#1102 Suggested Retail $5.50

Double Handled Wing Corkscrew
Available in a variety of colors

#1154 $2.50/ea Suggested Retail $5.00

Monopol Lever Corkscrew
Exceptional quality from the renowned German company.

#1161 Suggested Retail $65.00

Faucet Corkscrew
Built-in Foilcutter, an Easy-Grip Handle, and a Coated Worm. Packaged in a Lucite Box that doubles as a hanger for rack display.

#1133 Suggested Retail $19.95

Flip-Top Corkscrew
A unique pocket corkscrew that features a built-in foilcutter, smooth self-pulling action, and a rubberized grip.

#1108 Suggested Retail $21.95

Monopol Double Spindle Corkscrew
Satin Finish, Gift Boxed.

#1180 Suggested Retail $90.00

Corky Cork Extractor
An ingenious pump opener that ensures the cork remains intact during removal. Swiss made.

#1136 Suggested Retail $24.95

A unique corkscrew that can open any bottle without twisting. Moving the handles with a smooth and easy action the WineMaster both inserts the spiral and extracts the cork. The WineMaster has been fitted with a specially coated spiral and comes with a detachable foilcutter. Available in black or clear.

#1204 Suggested Retail $59.00

Pulltap® Hinged Double Lever Waiter's
The hinge in the middle of the boot pro-vides for easy placement for the step one and step two leverage. Works in same way as Pullplus. Serrated blade and Teflon worm. Smaller imprint area. Available in black, burgundy, white, green and blue.

#1120 $65.00 plate charge and $0.27/ea for imprinting.

Puigpull® Ratchet Jack Corkscrew
The ultimate in precision control of cork removal with no pulling required. The Teflon worm is screwed into cork in the customary manner, then instead of prying and pulling, the edge of the ratchet bar is placed on lip of bottle and cork is jacked out! Ideal for old and fragile corks. Avail-able, black, burgundy, white, blue, green, hammered grey and brushed nickel or gold plated. Imprints side of handle. $65.00 plate charge and $0.27/ea imprinting.

#1504 Regular Colors
#1505 Brushed Nickle
#1506 Gold Plated
Wood Box, Acrylic Box or Leather Sheath: $2.00/ea additional.

Monopol® Bacchus
German engineering and craftsmanship provides a unique double geared spindle on a traditional bell corkscrew for elegant and effortless removal of even the most difficult cork. A solid, stainless steel collector's item and future family heirloom. Gift Boxed.

#1180 Suggested Retail $89.95

Matte Black Foil Cutter (NEW)
The traditional foil cutter has been rede-signed for improved printing and ergonom-ics. The smooth sides feel good in your hand and the finish imprints in any color beauti-fully. Hang card packaging. Gift boxes available.

#1163MB Suggested Retail $7.95
Imprinting: plate charge $65.00 plus $.25/ea