From the dramatic to the ultra-refined, the right accessories for presentation of your wine help make the first impression of your wine a positive one. Please feel free to contact us if you do not see something you are looking for.

Call 1-800-231-9463 for wholesale prices.

Port/Wine Funnel
Silver-plated, antique reproduction funnel strains sediment dregs from mature wines.

#2201 Suggested Retail 34.95

Baker Tall Wine Coaster
An ornate design for a wine bottle.

#2311 Pewter, Silver, SR

Baker Flat Wine Coaster
Ornate design. The coaster is inlaid with cork.

#2309 Pewter, Silver, SR

Thermal Wine Coolers
Double Walled Acrylic.

#4201 Suggested Retail $14.95
Can be screen printed - please inquire.

Rapid Ice
From the makers of Vacuvin, Rapid Ice chills any wine in five minutes. Store in freezer for ready use.

#4416 Rapid Ice, Suggested Retail $12.00
#4416-CH Rapid Ice for Champagne (not shown), Suggested Retail $17.00
#4416-M Rapid Ice Millennium Champagne, Suggested Retail $19.00
#4416-G Rapid Ice "Guy Buffet", Suggested Retail $16.00

Quick Chill
Inside each Quick Chill is a patented chilling device that chills any size wine bottle, and keeps it cool for up to three hours. It features a special Velcro closure and extra durable cover. Available in dark blue, burgundy, mustard, tangerine, cactus green and with a grape design.

#4417, Suggested Retail $13.00/ea

Quick Chill makes a great imprinted item. There is a minimum order of 60 items and a plate charge of $60. Cost for imprint is $.26/item.

Epivac Wine Chiller
(not pictured) New Black "Stretchable" Fabric adapts to any bottle shape.

#4424 Suggested Retail $12.00

Wine Bags

#4158 Velvet Wine Bags
Available in Burgundy, Blue, Black and Green.
Suggested Retail $4.00
#4137 Cloth Wine Bags
Available in Several Grape Designs
Suggested Retail $5.95
#4129 Satin Wine Bags
Available in a variety of colors
Suggested Retail $3.50

"Patent" Ball Stopper & Dripless Pourer
New elegant, stainless alloy provides for efficient dripless serving of your wine. The unique patented steel ball quickly seals the bottle and prevents spillage in the event the bottle is knocked over. Handsome wood gift box. Also elegant wood display available. Can be imprinted. Call for pricing.

#4153 Suggested Retail $25.00

Wine Lincs: The Perfect Way to Identify Your Glass
Elegant and fun way to distinguish your wine glass and your guests'. Simply link one of these miniature charms to your stemware. Buy one set for a party of six or all three for larger gatherings. Each set gift boxed with six silver plated Lincs.

#4001 "Wine Design", View Image
#4001-N "Nature", View Image
#4001-S "Sea & Beach", View Image
#4001-OC "Ocean", View Image
#4001-CE "Celebrate",View Image
#4001-GO "Golf", View Image
#4001-MU "Musical",View Image
#4001-NA "Nautical",View Image
#4001-PA "Patriotic", View Image
#4001-SH "Shopping", View Image
#4001-SP "Sport", View Image
#4001-TR "Tropical", View Image
Suggested Retail $20.00

Table Crumber
Stainless Steel with an Imprintable Plastic Handle. All coloers available. Minimum order for imprinting 144 pieces. Quantity Discounts available. Lead time 4-6 weeks.


All Stainless Steel Crumber.

#1103 Suggested Retail $6.95