This Symbol denotes a Wine Appreciation Guild exclusive product
Classic Professional Waiters Friend™
Imported from France exclusively by The Wine Appreciation Guild. Features include: A solid ABS plastic handle, a stainless steel micro-serrated knife, a five-turn teflon coated worm, a larger boot that can accommodate flanged bottles, and a wide assortment of colors. Abailable in Black, Burgundy, Red, White, Ivory, Green, Blue, Navy Blue, and our new "Transparent" colors; Blue, Electric Yellow, Lime Green, Apple Green, Cherry Red, and Clear. Custom colors are available with a minimum of 5000 pieces.

#1114 Non-Imprinted
Suggested Retail $6.00 to $7.00
#1114 Imprinted
* Larger quantities please call for special quote.

This Symbol denotes a Wine Appreciation Guild exclusive product
Classic Professional Waiter's Friend™, Soft Handle
The same exceptional craftsmanship and colors of the Classic Professional with a pleasing "soft finish. Available in Black, Burgundy, Red, White, Ivory, Green, Blue, and Wood Grain. Custom colors available with a minimum of 5000 pieces. Available imprinted, minimum order 288 pieces, imported from France. Lead time on Soft Handle Imprints: 6-8 weeks.

#1114-S Non-Imprinted
Suggested Retail $6.50 to $7.50
#1114-S Imprinted
* Larger quantities please call for special quote.

This Symbol denotes a Wine Appreciation Guild exclusive product
Soft Wood Handle

#1114-SW Non-Imprinted
Suggested Retail $8.00 to $9.00
#1114-SW Imprinted
* Larger quantities please call for special quote.
Hard Finish Handle deduct $.60/ea.

* Ask for the additional SCIP Corkscrew Catalog

Special packaging: Imprinted Corrugated Box: $.40/ea

We imprint our Classic Professional Waiter's Friend in-house with an extremely quick turn-around time. First time orders require 2-3 weeks and incure a one-time $65.00 plate charge. Re-run orders ship within 72 hours except soft handle imprints, which require 6-8 weeks. Printing second side is an additional $0.15/ea. The minimum order is 144 pieces
The Winner Corkscrew
The Winner Corkscrew
Perhaps the best corkscrew ever created. Designed by and for people who open bottles for a living. The Winner Corkscrew works quicker and easier than any other style and works equally well with synthetic corks or natural, long or short corks, hard or crumbly corks. In a recent trial with 225 Sommeliers in the top pouring restaurants in America, more than 80 percent preferred The Winner over other corkscrews they have been using.

Suggested Retail $8.95

ALLVIN™ Wine Tool
The rapidly growing alternative wine packaging revolution and use of screw cap closures is responded to with the introduction of a multi-use tool, the ALLVIN™.
ALLVIN™ is a handsome stainless steel professional waiters corkscrew with a unique screw cap grabbing device in the center for quick, easy and elegant opening of screw cap finished bottles. Although, screw cap closures are designed for easy opening without any tool except the hand, some consumers report difficulty in opening a new bottle, just as with many other screw cap jars and bottles. The ALLVIN™ adjusts for all standard wine bottle screw caps.
But the real purpose of ALLVIN™, reports the inventor, Australian winemaker Jude Allen: —— “is to provide for an elegant tool for sommeliers and waiters to open screw caps with a flourish at table-side equal to the traditional ceremony of pulling a cork”. Winemaker Jerry Lohr of J Lohr wines who recently introduced screw cap wines on the market commented: “Few people need a tool to open a screw cap bottle, but I can use a tool like ALLVIN™ to help sell our screw cap wines to restaurants.” As a sales aid for winery reps presenting new screw top wines to restaurants, ALLVIN™ meets the one important need to answer restaurant buyer objections to screw tops.
At Vinexpo in Chicago, many other wine marketing executives such as Martin C. Johnson, Executive Vice President, Marketing at Kendall Jackson, expressed extreme interest in ALLVIN™ as a marketing tool to help introduce new screw cap finished brands. Elliott Mackey, VP Marketing at THE WINE APPRECIATION GUILD, a leading corkscrew manufacturer and distributor mentioned: “We have had requests from dozens of wineries for an advertising specialty that bears their brand name to promote their new screw-cap wines. We even had a winery request a corkscrew without the screw, so they could give them to restaurants to dramatize that no corkscrew was necessary!”
With more than 98% of all bottled wines currently sold in restaurants being cork finished, waiters and sommeliers still need a corkscrew. ALLVIN™ meets that need as well, as it is a first class waiters corkscrew, complete with knife for cutting the foil and a boot lever for easy cork pulling. Frederique Mary, Winery Sales Manager at W.A.G., mentioned: “ALLVIN is the perfect promotional item for winery marketing programs, as it is new and unique and will gain immediate attention and comment from sommeliers and restaurateurs.”

Suggested Retail $24.95
Call about imprinting options. Comes in an attractive gift box.

Stainless Steel Waiter's Friend™
Vintage Image ® Brand

Features a smooth satin finish, a micro-serrated steel blade, and a five-turn teflon coated worm. Imported from France, this is the finest corkscrew of its kind available.

#1114-SS Non-Imprinted
Suggested Retail $16.00-$17.00

Customized Stainless Steel Waiter's Corkscrews are available with colored Acid Etch, Engraving, and Lacquer Filled. Plate charges are $90.00 for Etched and $250.00 for Engraved and Lacquer Filled.

#1114-SS Acid Etched or Engraved
Large quantities please call for special quote.

#1114-SSI Engraved with Lacquer Fill
Large quantities please call for special quote.

Stainless steel corkscrews are available with hidden rivets. Please call for quote. Gift boxes are included at no charge.

Printed Corrugated Boxes are available at no charge; however a onetime plate charge of $90.00 will apply.

Merchandising Options
We offer a range of options to retail the Classic Professional Waiter's Friend or Stainless Steel Waiter's Friend. We can card this item for retail on a peg accessory display board at no charge. Gift boxes are available at $.35 each. A 24 piece corrugated display is available at no charge.
Standard Waiter's Corkscrew
(Not Pictured) Heavy Chrome plated, straight blade. Good value.

#1135 Non-Imprinted

Super Professional Waiter's Corkscrew

The Finest All Metal Waiter's Corkscrew in the World
Imported from France exclusively by The Wine Appreciation Guild. Exceptionally well-made, the Super Professional is the corkscrew of choice for Sommeliers worldwide. Hand assembled from finely tooled rustproof steel components, it has the feel and quality of fine craftsmanship and permanence. Features a five-turn extra durable Teflon worm, an untra-sharp microserrated blade, and a beautiful weighted body for ease of leverage. Each corkscrew is individually paper-wrapped and boxed. Leather Pouch: $5.00/ea.

Non-Imprinted Styles include Classic Stainless Steel, Black, and Marble. Imprinted Styles are available in a variety of finishes. Your design or logo can be engraved, plain or with a color lacquer finish. Minimum order is 100 pieces. There is no extra charge for imprinting except for a onetime plate charge, starting at $300.00 depending on the detail of artwork.

Imprinted Options:
We have a variety of Super Professional Corkscrew Styles which are handmade and imprinted in France. The following finishes are available: Classic Stainless Steel, Brushed Stainless Steel, Colored Finish, Design Finish, Gold Plated, and Silver Plated. All have the option of Chrome, Satin Chrome, or Gold Lever. There is an extra long serrated blade available. Please call for a complete price list of these imprinting options. Packaging options: Gift box or leather pouch available. Please inquire.
Engraving: Please Inquire.
Screen Printing: Please Inquire.

#8741-T05 Classic Stainless Steel, Suggested Retail $25.00
#8742-T33 Black, Suggested Retail $25.00
#8743-T44 Blue, Gray, Green, or Pink Marble, Suggested Retail $30.00

New "Jean-Pierre" Super Professional
Corkscrew with innovative built-in foilcutter in liew of a knife blade. This simple but effective micro-serration at the top of the handle permits easy dual cutting of the foil.

#8743-JP Suggested Retail $25.00

The Guillotine
Waiter’s Friend® corkscrew with a built in four wheel foil-cutter. Good for servers who don’t like knives. Just open the “guillotine” squeeze around top of bottle and twist!

#3226B Suggested Retail $6.95
Imprinting, plate charge $65.00 plus $0.25/ea.

The Cresent Waiter’s Corkscrew
Our traditional Waiters Friend® has been “beefed-up” with a larger handle, thumb stop and enlarged imprint space. This larger corkscrew will make a statement for your company and includes a circular space to drop in logo or monogram. Over 12 colors available, in traditional hard or soft finish handle. Serrated blade, 5 turn Teflon worm.

#701 Suggested Retail $19.95
Quantity discounts $5.89 - $4.70 imprinted.

Exotic Wood Corkscrew
Chateau styling with unique contoured Pakka wood handle. Featuring a five turn worm and stainless steel knife and bolsters. Incredible value!

#PAKA Suggested Retail $29.95

Delos Sculptured Alloy Waiter’s Corkscrew
Perfection in metal craft design is reflected in this solid but lightweight professional corkscrew, precision engineered for easy cork extraction. Five-turn spiral, stainless steel knife with opening button and a sculp-tured handle that looks good and feels good. Imprints nicely with black.

#3280D Suggested Retail $29.95/ea.
Imprinting: $65.00 plate charge and $0.23/ea.

Waiter's Corkscrew Crumber Set
Waiter's Friend and Stainless Steel Crumber in an attractive presentation box. Minimum order of 288 sets. Quantity Discounts available.

#1114-SET Plate Charge: $90.00 Corkscrew and Crumber, $90.00 Corrugated Box

Table Crumber
Stainless Steel with an Imprintable Plastic Handle. All coloers available. Minimum order for imprinting 144 pieces. Quantity Discounts available. Lead time 4-6 weeks.


All Stainless Steel Crumber.

#1103 Suggested Retail $6.95