The Wine Appreciation Guild has been helping to educate consumers for nearly 30 years on the wonders of wine. From books and videos to wine and food matchers and CD-ROMs, we have the right education tools for those studying for the Masters of Wine or just wanting to know how to properly read a label. Please also have a look at our wide selection of books.

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Le Nez du Vin
These renowned olfactory wine essence kits are exclusively imported by The Wine Appreciation Guild. The small vials of essences replicate the complex array of aromas and esters found in wine. Each kit consists of a number of different aromas (e.g. Cassis, Clove etc.), a laminated, illustrated, reference card for each essence, and a small booklet giving a scientific presentation of current research on wine aromas. A valuable aid for wine professionals, wine makers, and wine enthusiasts. Cigar Kit now also available.

Red: Contains 12 typical aromas pertaining to Red varietals.
#851-R Suggested Retail $120.00
White: Contains 12 typical aromas pertaining to White varietals.
#851-W Suggested Retail $120.00
Wine Flaws: Contains 12 of the most common Faulty aromas in wine.
#851-F Suggested Retail $120.00
Master Kit: Contains 54 typical aromas pertaining to all wine varietals.
#851 Suggested Retail $499.00
NAPA UNCORKED, Audio CD's or Cassettes
Stories, Wine Tips, Quips, Fold-Out Map & Traveling Melodies from the Napa Valley
Narrated by your Host David Hyde Pierce
How far must a glass of wine run before it has legs? Who was the spy that saved American winemaking? When did French judges discover Napa Wine? Why is Zinfandel linked to space aliens?
All this and more as David Hyde Pierce takes you on a wine-stomping tour of Napa Valley. Hear intriguing tales of grapes and the men and women who crush them. Discover the drama, romance, humor and passion in the blend of every wine bottle. More than a driving tour - It's a close encounter with sophisticated wit and wisdom! Filled with surprising stories behind the vines! Guaranteed to volatize your esters.
Audio CD's or Cassettes Included
#812 Suggested Retail $19.95
Jancis Robinson's Wine Course, Videotapes
Each of the five hour-long videotapes covers a pair of varietals and covers one or two different topics, such as storage and serving. Beautifully filmed and extremely informative.

#6886 $59.97 Suggested Retail $99.95
Enoteca Italia, The Wonderful World of Italian Wines, CD-ROM
An excellent reference on Italian Wines. Included: Information on all of Italy's DOC and DOCG wines, 700 tastings and food and wine matching with 150 recipes from all over the world, and a cellar management program. Includes more than 1500 photographs and 6 film clips. For Windows 3.1 or Windows 95.

#827 Suggested Retail $49.95
Robert Parker's Wine Advisor and Cellar Management, CD-ROM (Newest Edition)
One of the world's best known wine experts brings you in-depth advice on cellar management and organization. Manage your cellar as it actually looks right on your screen. Retrieve thousands of tasting notes and information on a collection as well as current values from The Wine Price File. Overall a very powerful program for the serious wine collector who wants it all.

#840 Suggested Retail $149.95

Oz Clark's Wine Guide, CD-ROM
Oz Clark’s Wine Guide, CD-ROM
Not only the best CD-Rom on wine, but also one of the finest CD Roms available. Exceptionally valuable, extremely up to date and exceedingly well researched references that will put the users wine knowledge a quantum leap ahead of the rest.

#838 Suggested Retail $34.95
World Wine Challenge CD-Rom - Multimedia
World Wine Challenge CD-ROM (Second Edition)
by Barry Wiss, Trinchero Winery
Have fun learning and showing off your knowledge with this interactive wine game. This wine game CD-ROM can also be used as a training tool for restaurant staff or the home connoiseur.

Suggested Retail $24.95
Wine Made Simple

Updated Edition Max Allen
Photography: Adrian Lander
Winner of the André Simon Award and many more.

This is a pleasure guide to wine - an unashamed romp through the flavors, sensations and joy that wine can give us. It shines a light into the darkest cellars of wine appreciation, illuminating the mysterious delights to be found within.
Max Allen's breezy and semi-colloquial style provides for an enjoyable read where the ideas flow clearly and effortlessly, but every word has been chosen with care - a book that makes a complex subject simple. There is no rating scale or confusing jargon describing wines. The wine novice will learn to feel comfortable about which wine to select and enjoy, while the experienced wine aficionado will thrill at the insightful iconoclasms Max Allen shares about grape varieties and food and wine matching.
Wine is first made in the vineyard. Chapters on Air, Earth, Water and Sun explain how these vital elements effect the outcome of the grapes and thus the wine. How to select, taste and enjoy wine is simplified into chapters called: Nose, Babble, Cash, Space, Time, Breath, Belly, Blood and Globe!
More than a guide, Red and White is a celebration of an ancient liquid written for a new generation of wine drinkers.
Softcover, 8 x 10 inches, 154 pp, 60 color photos
$24.95 ISBN 1-891267-37-X.
The University Wine Course
Marian W. Baldy, Ph.D.
A quiet revolution in wine education is taking place with the best approach to the sensory evaluation of wine yet. To quote one retailer, "if wine were a religion, this would be its bible."
#6680 Retail $35.00

Leon Adams
The father of the American wine industry demystifies wine in layman's terms without destroying its magic.
#507 Retail $8.95
Kevin Zraly (2003 Edition)
All major wine regions and styles are detailed along with instructions on tasting wine and superb wine judgments. A classic.
#913 Retail $24.95

The Wine Wheel No. 1
This handy wheel pairs different varietals with the ideal foods. 28 wines are listed with 4 foods per wine. Packaged either in an attractive display box of 24 or on a hangable card.

#4157 Suggested Retail $5

The Wine Wheel No. 2 World Cuisine
The most challenging and interesting food and wine matchings are Asian and other heavily spiced exotic foods. Now, extensive research by Sommelier, Angela Camacho has revealed some very interesting and tasty pairings of wine with the foods of India, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Japan, Morocco and Mexio (including Nuevo Latino) and more. Packaged in a CD style envelope.

#4161 Suggested Retail $5.95
The Wine Wheel No. 3
French Cuisine

The complexity and extensive variety of French regional cuisine and wines requires a set of two wheels to cover the number of wines and dishes. All major regions and sub-regions are covered, Bordeaux, Pomerol, Graves, Margaux, St. Emilion, Burgundy, Provence, Alsace, Rhone, Champagne and more. Packaged in a CD style envelope.

ISBN 1-891267-23-X
The Wine Wheel Set
This set brings the three Wine Wheels (above) together in an attractive package. It makes the ideal gift for any wine or food lover. Wine Wheels are perfect for purse or pocket to provide the advice and confidence needed to select the right wines for your meal. Wine Wheels are created by Spotted Dog Graphics of San Francisco. The Wheels are individually packed in CD Envelopes, then in a single transparent package suitable for display.

ISBN 1-891267-49-3

Wine IQ
The UC Davis Aroma Wheel is the standard in wine education when seaarching for an appropriate associative flavor. Information on pairing food and wine and a short glossary make this a good wine tasting reference.

#6969 Suggested Retail $9.95

OENOLOGUS California Wine Game
A fun and exciting way to learn about California Wines. Players move around the board and answer questions, ranging from rather easy to very difficult, to advanced. 680 Challenging questions test and expand the players' knowledge of wine. Packed in a wooden box or a wooden box with an extra slot for a wine bottle. Can be customized.

#5000 Box with extra bottle space $1.00 extra
Suggested Retail $59.95
De Long’s Wine Grape Varietal Poster and Companion Index Book
De Long’s Wine Grape Varietal Table 2nd Edition
by Deborah and Steve De Long
Grape Varietal Poster and Companion Index Book
This poster and index book combination are a great tool for anyone who loves wine. Contains over 180 grape varietals, organized by acidity as well as by weight, from all of the major wine regions.
Poster Dimensions: 24x36

Suggested Retail $35.00