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Travels through Extreme Wine Territory

John and Erica Platter,
Foreword by Hugh Johnson

The most original wine book of the decade! This continent-wide travel and tasting book takes us from Ethiopia to Zimbabwe exploring the wines of Africa which grow in some of the most rugged landscapes and extreme climates anywhere and are among the oldest (Egyption wines) in recorded history. John and Erica Platter are the best-selling wine journalists of South Africa and their wine ratings and tasting notes are widely respected. While most of us will not have the opportunity to taste the wines of Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Reunion and Mauritius these two peripatetic South African wine writers will share their sniffing, spitting and swallowing experiences with you. A fascinating addition to any wine or travel library. Hardback, 9 x 7 inches, 256 pp, full color
$24.95 ISBN 1-891267-52-3

A "must-have" map for the wine traveler. If you travel in search of wine, you're going to love the newly published California Wine Map. This isn't just one of those slick brochures published by the local wine-country tourist board. It's a full-fledged, state-of-the-art, satellite-generated map of California made by a well-known cartography company called Global Graphics. This topographically accurate map pinpoints 1,044 wineries and vineyards in California. All major highways are clearly shown, too, making it easy to plan a trip to the winery or wineries of your choice. On the back is an index that lists addresses, phone numbers and also lets you know whether their winery is open to the public. and on which days of the week.

#7272 Suggested Retail $5.95
Chilean Wine Map
The most up-to-date and detailed Chilean wine map on the market. 3'x2', this map shows the entire country in detail, with the locations of all major producers indicated. There is detailed information on the climate, grape varieties, history and production methods of Chilean wines. The second side also has sub-maps of each of the 12 major valleys, with microclimate information, major producers and style characteristics. Fold-up map or flat, glossy map for hanging or framing.
#7445 Suggested Retail $14.95 Fold-up map
Suggested Retail $19.95 Flat glossy map

The Civilized Traveler's Guides

Jeffrey Caldewey, Mildred Howie & Others
Now in their 24th year of publication these are the famous VINTAGE IMAGE guidebooks with selections and recommendations based solely on merit, from local researchers who really know the wine country. Each provides maps, winery index and noteworthy reviews of restaurants, delicatessens and picnic provenders. The lodging chapeters reviews the best hotels, inns, resorts and even campgrounds. The winery addresses, phone numbers, facilities, winemakers, vineyards and tasting room hours are provided.
Paperback, 7 x 9 inches, 128pp, $11.95
SONOMA ISBN 1-891267-09-4
NAPA VALLEY ISBN 1-891267-08-6
Phyllis Hands and David Hughes,
Photography: Keith Philips, Editor: Harry Stephan

Chip Cassidy The art of journal writing is from another era but among wine professionals meticulous tasting notes are essential. A talent for olfactory and gustatory memory is unique and when one tastes hundreds of wines in a week, only a journal will unravel that memory. Patrick, "Chip" Cassidy, also known as "Mr. Wine of Florida," has spent three decades in the wine business and has been teaching wine classes since 1984. In this book he shares the professional insights and extensive tasting notes from his vinous travels through France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Chile, Argentina, California, Oregon, Australia and New Zealand. He includes his memorable experiences as a tasting judge in many wine competitions. This is a "who's who and a what's what" of the global wine community. A must for any wine traveler prior to departure. Paperback, 81/2 x 11 inches, 285pp
$19.95 ISBN 1-891267-34-5
by Tom Parker
And introduction and guide to one of the country's most exciting and up-and-coming wine regions. In a very consumer-friendly style, this book covers all of Washington's different appellations, notable wineries and leading wines by type. Also featured are maps, illustrations and a current list of all wineries in Washington. Paperback, 160 pgs.
#7431 Suggested Retail $16.95
by Elmari Swart, Izak Smit
Presents the reader with the most up-to-date selection of the premium South African wine producers and their products. Also includes valuable information for the day-tripper like other local points of interest, stay-overs and restaurants.
ISBN-13: 978-0-620-35500-1, ISBN-10: 062035500X Suggested Retail $29.95
by Carla Capalbo
Indispensable for anyone planning on visiting the region. This is a complete insider's handbook that will lead you to hundreds of gastronomic delights, including 168 restaurants, trattorias, osterias and enotecas. Also includes information on 137 wineries, 61 olive oil producers, 31 cheese makers, dozens of artisan culinary producers, plus information on village markets, food festivals, gourmet stores, bakeries and more. Paperback, 406 pgs.
#7328 Suggested Retail $18.95
A Photographic Tour of the Last Century
Irene Whitford Haynes
A fascinating photographic tour of historic Napa wineries, more than a dozen which have come back to life. Extensively researched by a resident grape grower/historian. The historical details and photographs of more than 65 wineries bring vision of the vibrant California wine industry of more than 100 years ago. The roots of many of today's great vintners are exposed in these photos and historical vignettes. Paperback, 78 pp.
$8.95 ISBN 0-932664-90-3

Wineries & vineyards throughout the area from Monterey, Santa Cruz ,Santa Clara, Livermore, with winery address/phone, hours.

#7409 Suggested Retail $6.95
Audio CD's or Cassettes

Stories, Wine Tips, Quips, Fold-Out Map & Traveling Melodies from the Napa Valley
Narrated by your Host David Hyde Pierce

How far must a glass of wine run before it has legs? Who was the spy that saved American winemaking? When did French judges discover Napa Wine? Why is Zinfandel linked to space aliens?
All this and more as David Hyde Pierce takes you on a wine-stomping tour of Napa Valley. Hear intriguing tales of grapes and the men and women who crush them. Discover the drama, romance, humor and passion in the blend of every wine bottle. More than a driving tour - It's a close encounter with sophisticated wit and wisdom! Filled with surprising stories behind the vines! Guaranteed to volatize your esters.
Audio CD's or Cassettes Included
#812 Suggested Retail $19.95

Your Tour Guide to The Napa Valley
by Antonia Allegra
Written and narrated by Antonia Allegra, author of Napa Valley, The Ultimate Winery Guide, this unique guidebook includes two audio CDs that take you on a self-guided tour of Napa Valley's premier wineries and historic locations. It's like having an expert by your side as you tour the valley! The 88-page book is beautifully illustrated and comes packed with a computer CD-ROM that lets you take virtual tours of the wineries; preview picnic spots; or view animated movies about winemaking. It's the winner of the prestigious Silver Ladle at the 2003 Jacob's Creek World Food Media Awards and the Best Travel Guidebook at the IPPY Awards.

Includes Audio CDs and CD-ROM
Suggested Retail $24.95

NAPA VALLEY & SONOMA, Heart of The California Wine Country
by Virgina Boone
The breathtaking vineyards and quaint charm of California's Napa Valley and Sonoma makes this region one of the most visited in the United States. This photo-rich book perfectly captures the timeless tradition of winemaking, as well as the gourmet dining experiences that attract travelers from all over the world. The author is a long time resident of the wine country and experienced travel writer who knows how to identify the must-see sites. Planning a visit to California's wine country will be much easier, using this visually stunning book with reliable information.
Paperback, 10 x 13 inches, 72pp, 85 color photos.

#7406 Retail $12.95, ISBN 0-932664-67-1

A handy, folding, laminated street map of the region on one side, and a directory of winery addresses, phone numbers and hours on the other.

#7398 Suggested Retail $6.95

A History from Mission Days to Present

Second Edition
Charles L. Sullivan
Charles Sullivan’s 1994 Napa Wine: A History, is the engaging story of the rise to prominence of what many believe to be the greatest winegrowing area in the Western Hemisphere. This new edition completes that picture, bringing to light more than a decade of dramatic changes and shifted norms visited upon the valley, from pholoxera-wasted vineyards to High Court-officiated territorial battles, told in a rousing, transportive narrative.
Picking up at 1817 with the movement of Spanish Missions into the San Francisco Bay Area, Sullivan wends his way through the Great Wine Boom of the late 19th century, the crippling effect of Prohibition, and Napa’s rise out of its havoc to its eventual rivaling of Bordeaux in the “Judgments” of 1976 and 2006 as the great wine growing region in the world.
Published in cooperation with the Napa Valley Wine Library, scholarly attention is given to every detail. The author, called wine’s “head sleuth” and “the modern historian of wine in California,” visited every historic sight in Napa, compiled hundreds of first-hand accounts from pivotal figures, and dug into original documents and periodicals. Included are historic maps, charts of vineyard ownership, and vintages from the 1880s to present.
This is a book for all wine lovers.
Retail $45.00
ISBN-10: 1-891267-07-8, ISBN-13: 978-1-891267-07-9
by by Daniele Cernelli & Marco Sabellico
No wine producing nation is so confusing and challenging as Italy. Although standardization of labeling and classification laws have brought some organization to the spectrum of Italian wines, the wine consumer is often baffled when trying to select from a wine list or market shelf. This beautifully illustrated and comprehensive work gives a geographical organization to the understanding and selection of Italian Wines. It can serve as an Italian Wine Atlas and travel guide as well as a wine selection handbook. At once, it is easy to learn of the best wines of each region and the best values as well.
The authors are the most highly regarded curators, wine teachers and connoisseurs in Italy, writing for popular and academic wine publications, making regular television appearances and teaching in the Sommelier training academy.
Maps, glossary, index and 150 color photos. Hardback, 10 x 11 inches, 224 pp.
#7223 Retail $50.00 ISBN 1-891267-32-9
ROGOV’S GUIDE TO ISRAELI WINES: The Definitive and Comprehensive 2006 Edition
by Daniel Rogov
“(Rogov’s Guide is) indispensable for fans of Israel's fast-growing industry.”
--Howard Goldberg, New York Times

Over the past two decades, Israeli wine producers have raised their standards to world-class levels. With over 140 wineries now producing thousands of wines annually, Israeli wines have made their way onto the world wine scene. This is the only comprehensive guide to the exciting new and growing phenomenon of Israeli wines and this new edition now adds detailed maps of Israel’s wome regions; coverage of over 140 wineries (from 120 last year); a new tasting chart for your own ratings; contact details of all wineries; and almost 1,200 wines tasted, rated and fully described, through the 2004 vintage.

  • 400 pages of useful information in full color
  • Introduction to history, wine regions and grape varietals
  • Vintage reports for the past decade
  • Information about every winery in Israel
  • Critical ratings of 1,200 wines
  • Symbols for easy reference
  • A full glossary of wine terminology
  • A guide to tasting wine
  • A section of sparkling wines
  • Sample rating charts to use when tasting
  • How to host a wine-tasting event

  • #7583, ISBN 1-59264-128-8, Retail Price $19.95

    Wineries & vineyards throughout the area from Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo to Paso Robles, with winery address/phone, hours.

    #7497 Suggested Retail $6.95
    Sonoma Wine Tour
    by Mildred Howie
    Newly revised and updated, this Vintage Image guidebook includes everything the civilized traveler needs before setting off for Sonoma. Includes maps, a winery index, and unbiased reviews on restaurants, lodging, delicatessens and other activities. All selections and recommendations are based solely on merit, from local researchers who really know the wine country. Contact information and tasting room hours are included to help make traveling in Sonoma easier and more enjoyable. A must-have for anyone planning on visiting Sonoma. Paperback, 128pgs.
    #543 Suggested Retail $11.95
    by David Copp
    Learn what makes Hungary's Tokaji wien country one of the world's finest viticultural regions, and how best to tour this ancient land famous for its nectar of the vine.
    ISBN: 9638752432 ISBN 13: 9789638752437 Suggested Retail $22.00
    All California AVAs including a detailed map of Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley.
    ISBN10: 0-9723632-6-2 ISBN13: 978-0-9723632-6-6 SKU#7926
    24 x 36 inches $29.95 each
    Regional map of the wine areas of Spain, Portugal, and adjacent countries of France, Morocco and Algeria.
    ISBN10: 0-9723632-4-6 ISBN13: 978-0-9723632-4-2 SKU#7891
    24 x 36 inches $29.95 each
    Touring and Tasting Mexico's Undiscovered Treasure

    by Ralph Amey, PhD, CWE
    Preface by Dimitri Tchelistcheff

    The first comprehensive book on Mexican wines published in English. Dimitri Tchelistcheff was technical director at Bodegas Santo Tomas, oldest winery in Baja. A historical Prologue is provided by Dr. Enrique Ferro. Each winery is described in an "Essentials" section listing location, contacts, size, production and winemaker. History, winemaker notes and vineyard and fermentation techniques are included along with tasting notes and suggested food matches. Chapters on Wine Terms, Grapes of Baja, Wine Festivals and Events assist the visitor, as well as sections on where to eat, rest and read more about this exciting region; plus how to get there and what to see in the wine producing valleys. Ideal for any wine enthusiast or armchair traveler.
    Paperback, 6 x 9 inches, 180pp, 42 photos, maps, index.
    #7404 Retail $19.95, ISBN 1-891267-65-6
    Wines of Australia
    by James Halliday
    Part of the Mitchell Beazley Wine Guide series, this is the most current guide to the key wine regions, grape varieties, wines and wine producers of Australia. Includes an A-Z listing by region of over 1,100 wine producers, with detailed information about the wines they make, as well as tasting notes and vintage recommendation. Also included are twelve detailed maps of Australia's wine regions, and key information about tourism facilities. James Halliday is an internationally recognized authority on Australian wine and the author of several books on the subject. Hardcover, 208 pgs.
    #7443 Suggested Retail $14.95
    Wines of Spain
    by Jan Read
    Another in the Mitchell Beazley Wine Guide series. This title covers everything a wine-lover needs to know about Spain's wine regions and producers, from old favorites such as Rioja and Navarra to the lesser-known, up-and-coming wines such as Ribera del Duero and Priorat, as well as sherries, spirits and liqueurs. Each region is covered, with thorough lists of producers, wine types, climates and maps, all in an easy to follow A-Z format. There is also a wealth of pertinent information for tourists. Hardcover, 207pgs.
    #7444 Suggested Retail $14.95