About Us

Wine Storage Solutions and More

For nearly 50 years, Wine Appreciation has provided custom wine storage solutions including cellars and cooling as well as custom branded corkscrews, and accessories to the wine trade. As the oldest company and the most trusted business in this sphere of the wine industry, we hope you will continue to count on us.

Our Story

In 1973, when Elliott Mackey formed The Wine Appreciation Guild, there were only a handful of premium California wineries. Many big-name wineries of today were in the planning stages or early stages of establishment. Prior to 1973, the California Wine Advisory Board, operating under the State Department of Agriculture, was the primary provider of wine items and literature to aid in the enjoyment of wine. However, a decree by the Governor of California in 1973 dissolved the Wine Advisory Board.

The Wine Appreciation Guild was formed as the official successor in the distribution of wine accessories, and the publication and distribution of books and educational materials. This carries on a tradition of service that started in 1939.