Artevino Oxygen Solid Door (Left Hinge)


Oxygen with locking solid door, 4 sliding and storage shelves, and 1 small metal half shelf at the bottom.   Available in Glass or Solid Door, Right or Left Hinge.

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Each Transtherm/Artevino Wine Cabinet is designed to perfectly replicate those conditions found in an ideal traditional underground wine cellar-steady temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit with optimum humidity. The temperature can be adjusted between 42-64 degrees Fahrenheit. 


The technology used by Transtherm/Artevino puts forward the know-how of the professionals to bring together the four criteria required for optimal wine preservation: temperature control, adapted humidity, natural ventilation, absence of vibration.

Transtherm/Artevino wine cabinets provide for optimal wine preservation conditions, following the example of natural cellars. Your wine will improve for your optimum pleasure. The quality of the material, the display ergonomics and the contemporary design make Transtherm/Artevino wine cabinets the ideal solution for safeguarding your precious collection.

Our wine cabinets also combine modularity and aesthetics to offer you optimal ergonomics.

Triple Layered body : The walls of our cabinets are made of three successive barriers. The internal walls provide a strong and versatile platform for the adjustable shelving system. The robust and aesthetically decorative exterior walls are reinforced at the corners . A new high density expanded foam (injected process up to 2.25 cm thickness) ensures optimal insulation.  The Transtherm/Artevino cabinets thus have a rigidity adapted to weight, bottle storage and thermal stability worthy of that of the best natural cellars.

Automatic Temperature Control : When the ambient temperature rises above your set temperature, the cooling cycle,  driven by a very slow compressor mounted on silent-blocks, comes into action. The cooling coil, made of aluminum, is within the aluminum back wall of the cabinet, and provides for  better temperature distribution. In case of a drop in temperature, the heating cycle, which is also within the back wall, will come into action and automatically increase the temperature.

Adapted Humidity : Bottle corks need  moderate humidity in order not to dry out.  The thermal pump (Transtherm/Artevino exclusivity) allows hot humid air to be obtained automatically. Natural condensation provides for a humidity value between 55 and 80%.

Natural Ventilation : In order to avoid the mildew/mold phenomenon, which would generate bad odors and risk deteriorating the corks, Transtherm/Artevino cabinets have natural permanent ventilation, based on the principal of the thermal pump.

Absence of Vibrations : Slow and stable compressors are utilized thus eliminating any residual vibration.  This compressor is separate from the cabinet body.

Thermal Pump : The thermal pump process, (a Transtherm/Artevino exclusivity), by heating the condensed water, allows the introduction of humid air within the cabinet and considerably increases the humidity value between 55% – 80%. This principle gives the cabinet natural ventilation and constant air circulation.

Temperature Control : Transtherm/Artevino cabinets are equipped with an electronic control system with sensors designed for this purpose.   Precise thermostats provide for cooling and/or heating as necessary and as quickly as possible.  Transtherm cabinets function well under extreme external temperatures as low as freezing and as high as 100 degrees.   All Transtherm cabinets are equipped with a temperature setting and control panel, featuring a digital display.

The Thermal Pump, Transtherm exclusivity for a natural ventilation and constant air circulation

The thermal pump aids to prevent  the mildew/mold phenomenon, which can generate bad odors and risks the integrity of the cork. By heating the condensed water, the thermal pump allows the introduction of humid air within the cabinet and considerably increases the humidity value between 55% – 80%.  This principle gives the cabinet natural ventilation and constant air circulation.


    • Electronic Control
    • Interior Lighting with 3 Options
    • 2 Adjustable Front Feet
    • Shelves Adjustable in 1″ Increments
    • Cooling & Heating capability
    • Locking Door
    • Reversible Door (glass door only)
    • Black Aluminum removable Handle
    • Textured Aluminum Interior
    • R600 Refrigerant
    • Ideal for Restaurants/Serving Temp
    • Designed for long term storage
    • Low E coating on Glass Doors

    Transtherm Combinations   
    Cabinets of the same size can be positioned together with opposing hinges to give the impression of one large double-door unit. Single temp, 3-temp and multi-temp cabinets can be matched together, as long as they are the same height.



    Capacity:230 bottles with up to 10 sliding and/or storage shelves
    Dimensions:26.75" W x 26.75" D x 73" H
    Weight:229 lbs
    Color:Black Matt
    Shelves:Storage and/or Sliding
    Temperature Zone:1 Temp (adjustable 45-65°F)
    Door: Silver Aluminum Frame
    Door Hinge Side:Right or Left
    Door Handle: Removable
    For Specifications Click Here

    Control Panel

    Oxygen Control Panel

    • Temperature display: Displays the current temperature inside your wine cabinet.
    • Adjustment button ( SET 1/ SET 2/probe): Sets the desired temperature inside the cabinet.
    • On/off button: Switches the wine cabinet on and off.
    To adjust the temperature of your cabinet:
    • Press button SET 1 or SET 2, the symbol appears.
    • Press the Probe button to make the previous setting appear.
    • Set the desired temperature using the SET 1 and SET 2 buttons.
    • Confirm your programming by pressing the Probe button.
    The recommended control range for maturing your wine is from 42°F to 64°F, the default setting is 54°F.
    To operate correctly, your cabinet should be located in a room with a temperature between 32°F and 95°F.
    When there has been a significant modification in set temperatures, it can take several hours for your wine cabinet to stabilize and display the desired temperature.


    Sliding Shelf (Wine Servicing)
    For an easier access to the bottle of your choice

    Ideal for serving, you can easily glide out any self to access the bottles of your choice.  Store up to 12 Traditional Bordeaux bottles per layer.  Shelves are vented to enable air circulation in a homogeneous way. This is a Transtherm/Artevino  exclusivity.

    Storage Shelf (Wine Aging) 
    To maximize the storage capacity of the cabinet
    Made with solid beech wood, 1 storage shelf can store any shape of bottle and up to 77 Traditional Bordeaux bottles layer upon layer. Removable, you can arrange your cabinet the way you want and couple them with sliding shelves for a future use. Storage Shelves are vented to enable air circulation in a homogeneous way.

    Storage Wine Cellar
    230 Bottles

    Manuals / Warranty Information

    For Manual Information Click Here
    For DataSheet Click Here:   Click Here

    Warranty Information:  
    1-Year Limited Warranty – Parts and Labor
    5-Year Limited Warranty – Compressor


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