CellarPro Air Handler Integrated Humidifier 6500/8500


CellarPro Air Handler Integrated Humidifier. These CellarPro humidifiers are designed to be integrated with all CellarPro Air Handler AH6500 and AH8500 refrigeration systems.

  • Integrates with CellarPro Air Handler AH6500 and AH8500 refrigeration systems
  • Adds and maintains humidity inside the cellar at the desired setpoint
  • Is built into the cooling unit (evaporator) and must be factory-installed
Perfect for increasing humidity levels in all types of commercial or residential wine cellars, CellarPro integrated humidifiers are mounted to the rear of CellarPro air handler cooling systems.

CellarPro humidifiers are controlled by digital controllers that are wired to the Air Handler and mounted inside the wine cellar. With an LED display, humidity levels can be set from 5% to 70% in 5% increments.

Please note: CellarPro Air Handlers are uniquely designed to deliver superior performance and reliability, and must be factory-configured to work with our humidifier. Visit our Learning Center for data tables, performance charts and product comparisons among different brands.



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