Le Cache LED Light


The Le Cache LED Light is a thin-line high-output LED lighting feature with advanced light engines and a diffused lens to create super-bright directional illumination with energy-saving efficiency.


Product Options and Upgrades

With cleaner, whiter light that is superior to traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights, the LED fixture generates cool white color temperatures of 6500 – 7500K that casts a cool blue hue throughout the wine cabinet. These LED lights are environmentally safe, made with no mercury or lead, and offer reduced energy consumption and operating cost. With superior light quality and consistency, these lights provide long 50,000 hour life.


Type Lighting Feature
Weight 2 lbs
Model EURO
Weight:2 lb Warranty:90 Days


High-output LED lighting offers superior illumination and efficiency, and generates cool white light throughout the wine cabinet.
  • Luminous Intensity Output: 166 Lumens
  • 6500K – 7500K White Color Temperature
  • 100 Degreed Total Angle Output Projection
  • Cool Operating Temperature
  • Superior Light Quality and Consistency
  • Durable, Low Profile Package
  • Long 50,000 Hour Life
  • Reduced Energy Consumption and Operating Cost
  • Environmentally Safe – No Mercury, No Lead


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