Stolzle Classic: Chardonnay/12½ oz


Price: 252pcs: $3.94 .ea
Laser engraving available
One time art charge: $65.00

The Stolzle Chardonnay glasses are designed to deliver the finer qualities of classic White Burgundy and Chardonnay as well as a host of other white wines and many reds too. The tapered, gently curved bowl keeps the temperatures low and aromas focused. The narrow rim directs the flow across the taste zones of the tongue with a balance of sweetness and acidity, perfect for a variety of white wines from dry and fresh to voluptuous and rich.

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Stölzle is a German International glassware manufacturing company. For over 200 years, Stölzle has been recognized as Europe’s leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of high-quality, 100% lead free crystal glassware for the foodservice and retail market. Our professional design and hi-tech production process guarantee optimum durability, performance and elegance. Call Wine Appreciation for assistance on your custom wine glassware order!


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