Ultra Straight Wine Peg (1 Bottle)


  • Sleek, modern design
  • Allows for a greater number of bottles to be stored in the same amount of wall space
  • Crafted from lightweight, durable material
  • Scratch- and mar-resistant finish
  • Available in Matte Black and Brushed Aluminum finish
  • Comes with Ultra Insert*
Ultra Straight Wine Pegs give you a classic wine storage arrangement combined with a sleek, modern look. These wine pegs are a great way to store your wine when limited wall space is available. These wine rack pegs hold bottles in a cork-out configuration, allowing you to store a greater number of bottles in a confined area.

Want to create a one-of-a-kind wine display? We’re here to help.
Ultra Wine Pegs are suitable for both private and commercial collections. Our design team can collaborate with you to arrange these cork-out wine rack pegs on a custom panel of nearly any size. We welcome new custom jobs and enjoy the opportunity to work with you to create your dream custom panel.

What colors do pegs come in?
  • Black
  • Brushed Aluminum
How many wine rack pegs should I buy?
Two (2) pegs are required to support one (1) bottle.

Do I need other accessories to install my cork-out wine rack peg?
It depends on your installation. If you plan on installing the wine pegs into a wooden panel, we highly recommend the use of our Ultra Insert to install the pegs. Therefore, if you plan on installing the wine pegs without the Ultra Insert, you must be able to access the pack of the panels to screw them on.



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