WhisperKOOL Ductless Split – Twin Ceiling Mount 9000 with High-Efficiency 220V Condenser


The H.E. 220V Condenser offers a host of advantages over traditional 110V condensers. With industry-leading technology and multiple condensing unit sizes, the H.E. 220V Condenser is the perfect choice for nearly any split system application.

  • Offers excellent efficiency by drawing in the warmer air which accumulates at the ceiling, cooling and dispersing the air throughout the environment
  • Virtually invisible inside the cellar
  • Flare fittings for easy installation
  • Duramax coils
  • Standard and 24V thermostat options available
  • Hex mesh grille with air filter
  • KDT Digital Controller/Thermostat with 50-ft. cable
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The Ceiling Mount 9000 split system comes with dual evaporators for larger capacities. Keep your wine at the center of attention and your cooling unit out of sight.   Technicians and installers will be happy to hear that the electrical wiring, bottle probe wiring, and the line set are all located at the bottom of the unit, rather than the top. Not only are the essential components relocated and easier to access, flare fittings will now be utilized so that there is no brazing needed in the field. The redesign includes e-coated duramax evaporator coils which will improve system performance, a 2-speed fan switch that will decrease noise levels up to 7 dbs, and a new looking hex mesh grille with an air filter to protect the unit from the intake of potentially harmful debris during the initial start-up. Note: A qualified HVAC-R technician is required for installation. Failure to have the system installed by a qualified technician will void the warranty. Is this the right-sized unit for your wine cellar? *PLEASE NOTE: WhisperKOOL does not provide smart thermostat. By selecting the 24V Thermostat Conversion Kit, you have acknowledged that the system will not be built with the standard WhisperKOOL control or liquid measuring bottle probe. You will have to source and purchase your own 24V smart thermostat to run the equipment. The WhisperKOOL Customer Satisfaction Team does not provide technical support for smart thermostats.

HE Features

H.E. 220V Condenser Features:

Unit operates efficiently in adverse high heat humidity environments.
System adjusts to ambient temperature conditions to maintain the ideal storage conditions
Utilizes large, low-speed fans to create substantially lower operation sound levels between (48dB-55dB).
The condenser is controlled by a direct communication line to the evaporator unit using standard thermostat cable.
We’ve placed QR codes to directly lead you to all the vital information about installing and maintaining your system.

H.E. 220V Condenser Benefits:

Compared to previous models, this 220V system is a significantly more energy- efficient system, utilizing 50% less energy to operate, saving energy costs.
Easy access to controls & valves for simplified installation + smart communication cable from evaporator to condenser.
The systems come complete with an attractive & durable exterior housing that can withstand adverse conditions, associated with outdoor environments.
The H.E. 220V Condenser will be available in 5 different sizes, including: Mini, 4000, 8000, 9000, 12000 series units.


  • Quiet and efficient operation
  • Advanced electronic display
  • Liquid bottle probe
  • Alarm capabilities
  • Flexible installation
  • 55°F temperature differential
  • Condensing unit can be placed outdoors w/optional housing
  • Includes cold weather start kit
  • Pump down system for longer compressor life

BTU/h Rating


The BTU/h value shown here is a theoretical number. There are often circumstances under which a cellar design may require a larger unit due to variables not accounted for in the formula. For example, these variables could be building materials (such as glass, stone, concrete, etc.) which do not offer the insulation capacity required to maintain the optimal cellar environment. We recommend purchasing a unit with a larger capacity to compensate for these unaccounted-for variables. An undersized unit can lead to premature failure and will most likely prevent the cellar from reaching your desired temperature.


Cellar Size:Approx. 3000 cu. ft. when cellar is fully insulated and sealed with a proper vapor barrier (each wine cellar is unique and has specific cooling requirements; heat load calculations should always be performed prior to selecting a cooling unit)
BTU/h w/75°F air entering condenser coil:9992
Dimensions:Evaporators: 35.75”L x 14.5”W x 12.75”H, Condenser: 31.18”L x 10.75”W x 21.18"H
Voltage Rating:Evaporator: 120V (15-amp dedicated circuit required), Condenser: 220V (15-amp dedicated circuit required)
Weight:Evaporator: 66 lbs (per unit), condenser: 64 lbs
Amps:Evaporator: Master: 1.74 Slave: 1.04, (Running Amps) Compressor: LRA 20, RLA 4.25, FLA 4.89
Line Set:Liquid line 3/8"; suction line 3/4" (less than 50-ft.), 7/8" (greater than 50-ft.)
Drain Line:1/2" ID clear plastic tubing (not provided)
Installation:Evaporator units are installed in the cellar (through the ceiling). Condensing unit can be installed up to 100 line feet from evaporator unit.
Thermostat:Advanced digital display (50-ft. cable), liquid-temperature-measuring bottle probe (50-ft. cable)
Temp. Delta:Can maintain a 55°F cellar temperature with up to 110°F condenser air intake temperature

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Manuals / Warranty Information

Ductless Ceiling Mount 9000 Twin Owner’s Manual: Click here
Ductless Ceiling Mount 9000 Twin Owner’s Manual Addendum: Click here
Ductless Ceiling Mount Twin with 24 Volt Option Owner’s Manual: Click here
Warranty Information: Click here
Warranty Checklist: Click here

For more information on how to register your system: Click here

PLEASE NOTE: In order to activate the warranty for split system units (Platinum Split Series, Ceiling Mount Series, and Quantum Series), a Product Warranty Checklist must be submitted and approved by WhisperKOOL. This checklist can be printed out, completed, and emailed to


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